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21/06/2015 22:32

Fathers Day: What Being A Dad Means To Me

I seem to say it almost every day, but time travels so, so fast! This is already my third Fathers Day as a Dad and my first as a Father of two. My first Fathers Day seems like it was just yesterday! I'm always grateful to receive cards and gifts but I honestly mean it when I say that having those two gifts from God in my life are the only gifts I could ever want or need. I feel blessed every day that I can call myself a Dad to such incredible children. But what does being a Dad actually mean? To me, it means numerous things.

  • Being a Dad is all consuming, expensive, exhausting, challenging and has completely stripped me of my ability to be spontaneous. But it's also improved my life and my character beyond measure. For all of the sacrifices that comes with it, being a Dad forces me to be a better person. I know that I have to improve in every single area to set the right kind of example, and that kind of motivation doesn't grow on trees.
  • Being a Dad is the chance to leave a legacy worth leaving. The people my children grow to be will have (in part) been moulded by me, my discipline, teachings and actions. When I pass and leave this world, there will be a small piece of me left behind in each of my children and by that I am humbled.
  • Being a Dad is what transformed me from a boy to a man. No longer am I care free without responsibility. The day I became a parent was the day that I realised that my decisions would no longer affect me and me alone, but the impact would spread much further. Embarking on a journey into Fatherhood was the day that I realised that my actions and behaviour would shape the morals and principles of a new generation in my family.
  • Being a Dad is believing in love at first sight.
  • Being a Dad is the privilege of being reborn and having the ability to discover the world all over again. I get no greater joy than seeing my children experience something new and watching their eyes, mind and senses come to grips with the wonders of our world.
  • Being a Dad is being proud. It's embracing happiness and recognising the small things in life and learning how to see good in them.

Father Daughter Newborn HospitalFather Son Baby Sleeping


Being a Dad is life changing and a lesson that never ends, but it's a lesson I would take over and over. The struggle is immense and the challenge is incomparable to anything in life, but the rewards are just as unrivalled. At times I hate being a Dad, but never for longer than a split second. It's the best job in the world and I'd swap my life for no ones!

Baby Wearing Dad DaughterFather Son Hand Holding

Happy Fathers Day to all the great Dads in the world. Hug your kids and recognise the fact that they're responsible for ensuring you're striving to be better and be the best man you can possibly be.


17/06/2015 14:06

Wordless Wednesday

Baby BeachToddler Chocolate Ice Cream


16/06/2015 10:57

Leavers Hoodies Review

You don't have to be heading off to university to rock a leavers hoody you know? Especially when you can personalise them any way you want! Leavers Hoodies specialise in custom college style clothing for all ages, and I have to tell you that I'm impressed by them. I exchanged multiple emails, experienced great customer service and bounced ideas around with their team of designers to create custom garments for both me and my 2 year old son. I set my own design on my own colour scheme, was able to see a preview before it went to print and eventually received a pair of really comfortable, great looking hoodies.

Father Son Leavers Hoodies

You don't get many years where your child doesn't complain about being dressed like their parents, and I like to take advantage. I think it's cute to see us match and be alike. He's my mini me and I play on that whenever I can, whether it's cheesy or not. In a few years time, he won't want to be seen rocking the same threads as his old man and so I'm making the most of it whilst I can. I chose a design that played on the beard I'm currently donning and the vintage gentleman style that's currently in fashion. I complimented the design, focusing on the fact that both me and my son would be wearing them and added the word 'Boss' for myself and 'Apprentice' for the cub.

Father Son Hoodies

Leavers Hoodies are a British brand, which makes supporting them all the more important. The design work, emroidery and printing is all done in a UK workplace which not only made them easy to deal with but kept delivery times down also. I can honestly say that from their website, to their customer service and right down to the end product... I cannot fault this fantastic British company in any area.

Father Son Style

Disclosure - We were sent both hoodies in return for this review. All words and opinions are my own and honest.





Blog Feedback

Date: 10/05/2018

By: JollyKiss

Subject: Hi! I love you!

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Date: 09/03/2018

By: Charlesmon

Subject: Мошенник - givevinst, Богач Данила Александрович

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В итоге мы 2 месяца якбы добавляли меня в другие конкурсы. А по итогу - я получил на выходе 16.000 подписичков вместо обещенных 90.000 на два аккаунта!!!

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ФИО: Богач Александр Валентинович
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Богач Александр Валентинович


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ГРН и дата внесения в ЕГРИП записи, содержащей указанные сведения 408732524100052
Регистрационный номер 083024100599
Регистрационный номер 732302746173003
Контактный телефон 89991941315

Так же человек часто проживает в Санкт-Петербурге. Использует подставные компании договора и работает в интернете по сути незаконно. Предлогаю соответсвующим органам обратить внимание на кидалу-мошенника!

Ники своего личного профиля в Инстаграм он постоянно меняет, так что не вижу смысла их писать (но на всякий случай: bogach.d).


Date: 09/07/2015

By: Anonymous

Subject: Depression

I want to congratulate you on coming out about your depression. Depression is nothing to be laughed or joked about. It hits and it hits hard, Affecting everyone around you much more deeply than you ever having a broken leg would. This is where your family really step up. It is always on the media how much women get depression but it's great you have highlighted here that men do get it to... I won't tell you to keep your chin up because I know (as you do) it means nothing. One hour at a time. :)


Date: 30/06/2015

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