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Devils' Disguises - Poetry

16/06/2015 09:07

According to modern tradition he subsists in an abyss,

and is often dismissed as a Greek or Egyptian myth.

Sordid satire of the Roman Empire; an anti-Messiah...

walking through fire. Jeremiah prophesised via...

dreams. It seems, we all admire cream and luxury.

It's the Devil in material, or at least it seems apparently.

Beware! The 666 mark could now be hiding in your skin.

Hell awaits with brimstone if you're deciding entering.

Dictators and Klans united in sick hatred shake hands.

Maybe satanic seeds survive in man

                     that navigate plans

                             to leave tribes of Israel as devastated wastelands.

Attitudes decay as the multitudes praise idols of choice.

Pagans maim victims, claiming to hear the Devils voice.

Red rivers flood the gutter. The blood thirsty grow greedier;

Numbed by ether. Demonic politics control the media.

Corrupted agents raise a facade to brainwash the mass.

Polluted religion sets a trap. Even the Pope has a pact.

                      Burning candles,

                             Using rituals. Symbols resembling hex.

Yearning victuals, beastlike cannibals consuming heads.

Fallen angels produce offspring fused in human flesh.

Jezebels lure evil. The devilish host swore witness.

Clientele swells as the blind trade their souls for riches.

So Lucifer lunges at my heart and squeezes. Vice-like is his grapple.

The same snake in Eden baffled Eve with a ripe apple.

He handpicks the clouds so you never experience the suns light.

The loudest noise of all is the silence after midnight.

I fight this hassle and enticement on a daily basis.

The Devil as usual, opens up shop as many faces.

Disguises so devious that you'd probably never tell...

Knocking on doors, he offers, 'will you buy or will you sell?'.



Topic: Devils' Disguises - Poetry

Date: 21/06/2015

By: Sam@happyhomebird

Subject: Poem

This is such a great poem, I loved the imagery and the last line made me think of Goblin Market.


Date: 19/06/2015

By: Sarah Bailey

Subject: Comment

What a deep, dark poem.


Date: 19/06/2015

By: Globalmousetravels

Subject: post

Wow, what an intense poem Welcome back!


Date: 19/06/2015

By: Pinkoddy

Subject: poem

So very dark, I hope you are ok.


Date: 18/06/2015

By: Nayna Kanabar


Wising you well, take it easy and look after yourself. The poem is written well.


Date: 18/06/2015

By: lisa

Subject: poem

ive missed your posts , hope your getting the support you need x


Date: 17/06/2015

By: Erica Price

Subject: Comment

Loving some of the demonic images you're conjouring up here.


Date: 17/06/2015

By: helen gandy

Subject: Poem

Bless you, that poem must have been quite therapeutic for you.

Helen X


Date: 17/06/2015

By: Rachel

Subject: Hugs

It is good to see you back and I do hope you are getting support and a lot of hugs x


Date: 17/06/2015

By: Kara

Subject: Poetry

Such an emotive poem, I hope you are all ok xxx