It's a constant battle - Poetry

25/03/2015 20:10

It's a constant battle. 

Persuading myself to turn at the bend and not go straight for the tree. 
Drive straight at the fork, hoping to be set free. 
I wonder what it would feel like?
I almost want it to hurt. 
Almost want to be left limp in my evening shirt. 

Drifting on auto pilot from one day to the next,
Consciously averting disaster; occasionally typing this text. 
It's a constant battle. Knowing that alcohol could be problem solving. 
At least temporarily. 
But could that same cure stop us from mentally evolving? 
Is the world even revolving?
I sit trapped in a silent coma that seems louder than ever. 
It's like time stopped. 
Like I've been lay here forever. 

It's a constant battle, not emptying these veins of their blood. 
Always saying I wouldn't, but you know I probably would. 
It's a constant battle. 

Topic: It's a constant battle - Poetry

Date: 29/03/2015

By: Emma

Subject: comment

Life is so hard for some.

Date: 29/03/2015

By: VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood

Subject: It is!

It does seem like that some days. I hope you are getting the support you need. x

Date: 29/03/2015

By: Boo Roo and Tigger Too


Powerful words, I hope that they eased your battle by sharing them with us

Date: 28/03/2015

By: Rachel

Subject: Hope it helped

I hope by writing this it has helped you lovely x

Date: 27/03/2015

By: Nikki Fraser

Subject: Comment

I hope by just writing this it has helped get your feelings out and that you are able to find someone to talk too if it's what you need.

Date: 26/03/2015

By: Jaime Oliver


oh Ryan .. I am not sure if your just writing poetry or using it as a method to relay you're feelings .. if it is please dont suffer alone, i am here if you would like to talk xx

Date: 26/03/2015

By: lisa

Subject: ,,,,

whatever the struggle i hope you find meaning and help

Date: 26/03/2015

By: Ninjacat

Subject: comment

Powerful and moving
Here if you need to talk

Date: 26/03/2015

By: Erica Price

Subject: Comment

I hope you find a way through to a better future.

Date: 26/03/2015

By: Stephs Two Girls

Subject: Gorgeous family

I hope you have someone who can really help you with that battle. You're not alone in having those thoughts I'm sure, but looking at your previous posts, you have your gorgeous children and partner to battle for so I hope they get to keep you. I also urge you to talk to someone. Very powerful words x

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