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Who Needs A Gym - #FitFamilyFriday

19/11/2014 19:44


Welcome and thank you to Tony from Disillusioned Dad for hosting #FitFamilyFriday last week. If you don't yet know about #FitFamilyFriday then you can read about it  here . We take it in turns at hosting this health and wellbeing themed link up and this week is my turn. Last time out, I introduced myself from a fitness perspecive and this week I am recycling an old post that points out how difficult it can be to fit fitness into your schedule. I've found it easier than I did at one point and its important that I continue to do so. I think the key to fitting fitness in is wanting to, being realistic and making a concious effot not to break the routine. Here is the post... Who Needs A Gym?. After you're done reading, don't forget to join in and share your posts. 



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