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TULA Surpise!

27/05/2015 16:46

Over the last few months especially, we have really fell in love with baby and toddler wearing as a family. We have reaped the benefits of wearing our children - both in the things we can more easily do, and the strengthened bond between parent and child. There are tons of carriers out there, but we have elected a brand called TULA to be the dominant force in our fleet and have already got our hands on 5 of their carriers. Tula has a huge following, and a loyal community that wear, love and chase their products (many of which are limited edition, retired or just plain hard to find). I intend on writing a post all about baby wearing, it's benefits and it's community very soon but for now I wanted to share something a little more personal...


Certain carriers, are difficult to find for what could be a number of reasons and most fans of Tula have what they like to call in their community a 'DISO'. A 'DISO' is a carrier that you are 'desperatley in search of'. Its your holy grail. It's the one carrier that you would trade your entire stash for just to say you own your dream item. My wife had been desperately searching for her DISO and struggling to either find it, afford it or justify it. What she didn't know however, that I too was desperately searching for it and I felt that if I could find it then I could afford it and I could justify it. I found it! Not only did I find it, but I bought it. Not only did I buy it, I kept it a secret until I had my hands on it. This morning, I finished an overnight shift in the office, and went home to wake her up with her dream Tula under my arm. 


For anyone doubting the Tula and baby wearing community... I posted this photo and caption to Facebook. It currently has 4,800 likes and 404 comments just 10 hours later! I feel like a Tula celebrity! The owner of the company liked and commented on the post herself. My phone has been blowing up with Facebook notifications.

Tula Surpise

'Sorry, but I've been bursting at the seams for over a week to talk to someone about this and now I finally can and this is the only place anyone will understand. I found my wife's DISO! It's a toddler full wrap conversion voyager. I bought it without her knowing. I've just finished an overnight shift in the office and am going home to wake her up with it!'


Here is her reaction! I only wished I'd videoed it. I've bought her many gifts during our time together, and I think of myself as a thoughtful and romantic gift giver... but the tears today were definitely unexpected.

Tula SurpriseTula SurpriseTula SurpriseTula Surprise



Topic: TULA Surpise!

Date: 02/06/2015

By: Liz

Subject: Surprise

Totally a Tula celebrity now! Haha


Date: 28/05/2015

By: Katie @Mummydaddyme

Subject: Aw

Aw what a lovely Daddy and husband you are Ryan! :) And happy belated birthday to the Mrs! xx


Date: 28/05/2015

By: Sarah

Subject: you're awesome!

Can I pass on my husbands details so you can tutor him?


Date: 27/05/2015

By: Brittany

Subject: Tulalove

You're a hell of an awesome hubs! #badasstuladad


Date: 27/05/2015

By: Emma | The Mini Mes and Me

Subject: How lovely

Aww that's super sweet! The Mr needs to take note, although I prefer diamonds haha x