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Top Ten Posts of 2014

06/01/2015 00:20

2015 is well underway now as we unbelievably approach the end of its first week and it just shows that time is flying by like it seems to every year. That's one of the main reasons I am thankful for my blog - a place to store memories and look back on them in the future. That's what this post is all about. I'm stealing the idea to review my blogs year from one of my favourite bloggers over at You Baby Me Mummy and it's too good not to steal. There are so many blog posts that I published in 2014 that to go back and remind myself of all of them would take forever. At least this way, I'm able to highlight a snapshot of the best Dad Creek offered in the year (or at least the half it I was actually posting). Here are the top ten from 2014 split into 2 categories;


Most Popular

Based on real statistics, these are the 5 most visited posts of last year (in no particular order).


Open Letter to my Wife 

I shared something very personal with this post by writing publically to my wife.

Husband Wife Wedding


Top Tips for flying with an infant

I turned to offering some advice with this post having already travelled with babies many times. We look back on this post before any trip ourselves.

Family New York City

The Benefits of Reading with Dad 

Reading to my children is one of my favourite activities and I wish more Dads did it. The benefits are more than the obvious.

Reading to Child

Racism is Alive - Parental Responsibility 

This was a little different for me, as I strayed away from the memory recording style of blogging and tackled a bigger issue that had been playing on my mind. It was well received, featured on a couple of other websites and earned me my first blogging award nomination with Love All Dads.

Black White Racism

Baby Alice's First Photoshoot

Noone can resist uber cute teeny tiny baby photographs and this post needed no words. It's already hard to believe Alice was ever that small and delicate. It makes my heart smile looking back on these images and I'm glad they were popular with others than just myself.

Baby Girl First Photoshoot


My Personal Favourites

Besides the ones mentioned above, here are 5 other posts that stand out as being favourites of my own.

5 reasons I loved my first year as a Dad

As I surpassed the 12 month mark on my parenting journey, I was in a reflective mood. I enjoyed this post also because of the photographs I coupled with it and how it captures a life that already seems so long ago, when there were only 3 of us.

Family of 3

Letter to my unborn daughter

When I was only casually blogging, before my long break from the game, I once wrote a letter to Clayton before he was born. A year later, I did the same for Alice. This letter is one that I like to read from time to time and look forward to showing our daughter when she is old enough to understand.

Letter to unborn daughter

Birth Story - I'm a Dad again!

In July, we welcomed baby Alice into our family and I wasted no time in introducing you all to her. This was her birth story from my perspective. It's also interesting to look back at just how different it was to her brothers a year previous.

Baby Girl Hospital

A Dad & his Children head to the zoo

I was nervous, but I didn't shy away from attempting a full day out by myself with both children early on in our new life as a family of 4. I dropped a recovering wife at the spa to relax whilst I headed to the zoo with a double pram and a loaded baby bag.

Toddler Penguin Zoo

Our Trip to America in 53 Photos

One of my more recent posts was word free in a bumper edition of wordless wednesday. It had to feature as one of my favourite posts though - scrolling through the images bring back nothing but fond memories of our 3 week stay across the pond.

Husband Wife Selfie Times Square NYC


2014 was a good year for Dad Creek, despite only blogging in 50% of was still difficult to put together a list of just 10 posts. Many memories were captured, friends made and things learnt. Here's to an even better 2015 and an even more difficult decision this time next year when bringing you the best of another year with Dad Creek! Happy new year.













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