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The Disney Tag

11/05/2015 19:28

I was recently tagged by Larabee in the Disney Tag which was originally created by Blogger Mumma. I don't often partake in memes and tagging posts, but I'm a Disney fanatic that grew up on the brand and its ethos and this one sounded like fun. How could I pass up on being requested to answer a few questions? I'm going to avoid using actual Disney images and photograph some pages from my old sketch book to match my answers wherever possible, so any images you see are my own.


1. Favourite Disney Film?

The Lion King is definitely my favourite film. It's practically faultless and has it all... great characters, great songs, great story and some stunning cinematography. It's one of Disney's major successes and it's not difficult to see why. I've watched it over and over and still enjoy it now.

Lion King Disney Sketch 1Lion King Disney Sketch 2


2. Favourite Disney Character?

Stitch! I love Stitch and how he breaks the mould on all things Disney. He's naughty, cheeky and hilarious in all that he does. Definitely a fun and loveable little guy.

Lilo & Stitch Disney Sketch 1Lilo & Stitch Disney Sketch 2Lilo & Stitch Disney Sketch 3Lilo & Stitch Disney Sketch 4


3. Favourite Disney Princess?

At least of the original group of Disney Princesses, my favourite is Belle from Beauty in the Beast. She broke the mould and was feminist, head strong, courageous and not looking to fall for a Prince at all. She was more mature, independent and less blandly asexual than the previous so called Princess characters. Plus she starred in another very good movie.

Beauty & The Beast Disney Sketch 1


4. Favourite Disney Sidekick?

Timon and Pumba from The Lion King are a classic double act that went on to have their own movie and tv series, but Timon is one of my favourite characters of all time (let alone favourite side kick). His sarcasm fits my sense of humour perfectly.

Lion King Sketch 1


5. Favourite Disney Song?

This is an incredibly tough question, because there are so, so many. The Lion King, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book and more recently The Princess & The Frog are loaded with hit after hit. High School Musical, The Aristocats and Frozen all have catchy numbers on their soundtracks. It's tough to pick a favourite, but if pushed I think I would surprise a few by picking Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid.

Little Mermaid Disney Sketch 1


6. Which Disney Character Would Be Your Best Friend?

I think I'd have a lot of fun in the presence of Baloo from The Jungle Book. A fun loving bear, with a laid back attitude and an appetite for good food, good fun and good music. He also proved his loyalty to his friends and protective nature when he rescued Mowgli from the band of kidnapping monkeys mid movie, and by taking on Shere Khan the tiger towards the end of The Jungle Book.


7. Who Would Be Your Disney Pet?

I struggled with this one. Initially I thought of Abu from Aladdin, but I don't think I could put up with the mess a monkey might create. Then I thought of Remy from Ratatouille and utilising his knowledge of all things culinary, but I can't stand rats. What about Nemo from Finding Nemo I thought? A fish is easy to keep... but perhaps not one that was desperate to escape the tank. So I settled on Bolt. A dog is a realistic option, and Bolt is as beautiful looking, well trained and loyal as any real dog I've known.

Bolt Disney Sketch 1Bolt Disney Sketch 2Bolt Disney Sketch 3


8. Have You Ever Been To Disneyland?

Many times! I have fond memories of Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida throughout my later childhood. I've also returned as an adult, and have been a total of 5 times... spending in excess of 40 days there in my lifetime so far. I'm a shareholder at Disneyland Paris and have been there 4 times so far, spending around 20 days there in total. I'm yet to take my own children to either park, but it's right at the top of my bucket list to do so when they are a little older.

Disneyland Paris Character CoupleDisneyland Paris Couple


9. Who Is Your Disney Alter Ego?

I'm pretty good at character assassination, but no so much when it comes to myself so I decided to search for an online quiz that would tell me the answer. Apparently, I'm most like Mickey Mouse... a strong leader, that knows how to joke and have fun but can get serious when needed. I'll take that.

Mickey Mouse Disney Sketch


10. Who Is Your Favourite Disney Villain?

I love the villains, but I definitely favour Scar from The Lion King. Not just because it's my favourite film, but because he is genuinely such a well written character. Voiced by Jeremy Irons, he is full of sarcasm and arguably the most interesting character in the cast. He reminds me of many of the famous dictators the world has seen over the years, yet strangely you can't help but root for him from time to time.

Lion King Disney Sketch 3


11. Do You Collect Anything Disney Wise?

I have to admit that I collect most things Disney. Besides a large DVD and ornament collection, I also collect Disney park mementos, pins and practically anything else with that Disney stamp on it. I'm particularly fond of Disneyworld memorabilia from the time of its 25th anniversary, which was taking place the first time I ever visited.


12. What Disney Film Would You Star In If You Could?

The Lion King without question. I spent 2 weeks touring Kenya in 2007 and witnessed Africa and all of it's slendour and natural beauty. I'd star in The Lion King just to see the sun set over those open African plains again at the drop of a hat.

Lion King Sketch 4


13. How Old Were You When You Watched Your First Disney Film?

I have no idea whatsoever, but the first Disney film that I can recall watching was The Little Mermaid via a rental copy from the local VHS renting shop (remember those?). The first Disney film I remember owning as my own outright (I have a brother and sister that I usually shared all films with) was Peter Pan.

Little Mermaid Disney Sketch


14. What Do You Love About Disney?

Disney provides the ultimate fairy tale... whether it's in a story, on screen or in one of their parks. It's a continuous happy ever after. As a child, it seems magical, safe and plays on the beauty of your young imagination. As an adult, it has the ability to take you back to that safe and happy place... triggering memories, and replacing all of the bad in the world for that brief period. Disney IS childhood and your childhood is the only place that you're sheltered enough to smile without reservation. Disney makes me feel like that child again.


15. Who Is Your Favourite Disney Couple?

My favourite Disney couple is Rapunzel and Flynn Rider frin Tangled. It wasn't the typical love at first sight story, they went on a Bonnie and Clyde style journey together and they both made sacrifices for eachother at the end of the movie. I like the fact that Rapunzel is feisty and keeps him on his toes and has him pandering after her (something he seemingly hadn't had to do before).


So that's my Disney tag meme. You've learnt a little about me, my childhood and my opinion on all things Disney. Were you or are you Disney mad? Should they wish to partake, then I tag...


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Topic: The Disney Tag

Date: 14/05/2015

By: Ryan Costello

Subject: Re: disney

You saw Mowgli? Wow. Ive never heard of anyone seeing him before.


Date: 14/05/2015

By: Erica Price

Subject: Disney

What wonderful sketches! I'm not sure what my first film was, but it was probably something with John Wayne in as dad was a big fan.


Date: 14/05/2015

By: Mellissa Williams

Subject: Disney

I love Disneyworld in Florida but now as my son has grown we prefer Universal Studios. Brilliant drawings, you can see you are a true Disneyfan


Date: 14/05/2015

By: Michelle

Subject: The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Duuuuuude, your drawings are amazing!! Thanks for the tag, going to answer on my blog now and publish asap!


Date: 14/05/2015

By: angela hamilton

Subject: wow

your drawings are incredible! I would loved to go to Disney in Florida and Paris.


Date: 12/05/2015

By: Blogger Mumma

Subject: Disney tag

I love your answers and your drawings are amazing!


Date: 12/05/2015

By: Fiona

Subject: First film

My first film that I remember is the little mermaid too!!! I remember hiding behind mum in the chair when Ursula grows big at the end!! Still scares me a little now!