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Superior Announcement

15/02/2013 01:25

Your partner gets the chance to bond with baby from pretty much day one, even if she doesn’t realise it. I mean, like it or not, the two of them are connected and living as one. As a Father though, you’re forced to wait a little while before you get such a privilege, or before it even hits home. I still haven’t been presented with real opportunities to bond with my unborn son, but there have been a handful of what I call ‘moments of realisation’ along the way. Its one of those moments I want to talk about tonight.


Despite already attending appointments, spending stacks of money and making plenty of changes; despite already having met my baby twice on the television screen that showed the results of 2 scans we’d had; despite having a scan photo saved as my mobile phone screensaver... It didn’t occur to me that I was going to be a Dad until I felt my baby move for the first time. Lay in bed with my wife and resting my hand on the bump, I felt a soft flick against the palm of my hand. He wasn’t really strong enough to kick as such then, but I certainly felt movement. It was at that point when photos, videos, discussions and ideas became Real life. Our life, that we had created! Feeling that life respond and interact with your own is an indescribable feeling. Proud, joyful, excited are words that just don’t seem to cut it. It has however led for me to make a shock announcement...


Women. Are. The. Superior. Sex.


There. I said it!


All women should be thanked. My Mother, her mother, my wife, her mother...all mothers; thank you! Without you, there wouldn’t be life. There wouldn’t be jokes for me to make in this blog about the messy burden of pregnancy. There wouldn’t be reason to blog at all. I wouldn’t be here at all. The job women do in creating, birthing and raising a child is beyond any words or reward. Women are a beautiful species and I am grateful to have so many beautiful women in my life. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Never let a man judge or criticise you. Never let a man put you down. Never fail to be proud of who you are, what you’re capable of and where you have come from. On behalf of all men, I thank you!



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