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Summer Night Sleeping

10/09/2013 18:12

It seems like a lifetime ago already that we built up, decorated and furnished our spare room in preparation for our first born child. Kitting out a nursery before your baby has even been born is great. It means that you can get to work in a stress (baby) free environment. It also means however, that all the decisions you make are based on what you like, and not what you may necessarily need. Clayton has settled nicely into his own room, but rarely sleeps before 10pm. Who can blame him? It’s been summer and the nights have been warm and light. We decided to address the problem. As nice as our Bambi themed curtains are, we opted to introduce a black out blind to go behind them as a late addition to the room.


I was contacted by Web Blinds to ask if I would like to review one of their blinds. Given that we’d made the decision to invest in the very product that this market giant specialise in, I jumped at the chance! Having browsed their extensive collection online, we eventually opted for a Woodland Natural Roller Blind. We had the blind cut to size, customised to our liking and shipped direct to our house.   Web Blinds couldn’t have been more helpful. It was a dream to fit, and obviously of great quality... and we couldn’t be happier with the product. It was comforting to know also that all of the blinds sold by Web Blinds go through rigorous testing and safety checks by BSSA.


(The blind here isn't in babies room but borrowed from the Web Blinds website.)


Clayton might not be so appreciative of their efforts to keep the sun from his room, but we certainly are! Not only does it look great, it also keeps out the light and tricks little man into thinking that it’s much closer to sleep time than he thinks. Web Blinds were kind enough to send us this blind free of charge, but if it buys us and baby an extra hour or two’s sleep then it could’ve been priced as high as they wanted and still have been worth it!


(Ssshh... Don't you dare wake him!)


For the boring legal part of blogging, I'm informing all readers that I received the blind from Web Blinds for my time and for featuring their website and products here...