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Spring has sprung - Outdoor Fun

22/03/2015 20:33

Spring has sprung! We have to make the most of every rare second of sunshine in the UK and today we definitely did. Winter has dragged on and on, and although we've been making the effort to still get outside it's going to be a lot easier with more days like today. The temperature was up, the sun was shining, birds singing and the signs that winter is finishing were clear to see. It was even warm enough to sit outside and share ice cream this afternoon. Me and Clayton kicked a ball around, and Alice enjoyed being fed on a rug in the garden. It was one of those simple afternoons that seem so perfect without doing anything special. That's the magic of the sunshine for you - it's rays make just about any scenario better.

Toddler Ice Lolly Face

We drove a couple of miles up the road from where we live to a remote hamlet called Fawsley, just to prove that the suns solar energy could push us even further than our own front garden. Taking strolls in the country is one of our favourite things to do as a family. We walked in the grounds of Fawsley Hall, a manor house built in the 15th Century by the Knightley family. We strolled amongst sheep past the 13th Century church, over stiles and round the lake pointing out ducks, moor hens and swans. We didn't even wear jackets! 

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Fawsley UK CountrysideBritish Landscape

If Spring has sprung, then it's welcome to stay a while. In fact it can stay right up until Summer is ready to claim the throne. Days are better outside. Days are better with sunshine!




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Topic: Spring has sprung - Outdoor Fun

Date: 23/03/2015

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