Dad In Training

Saving Memories.

13/02/2014 23:54

In a technologically driven world, in which there is always someone out to ruin your day it is imperative that we take care of our data. As a Dad blogger I would be heartbroken if I woke up to find I’d been hacked or been the victim of the latest virus and had lost my articles; or worse, photos of my son. When Tesco Compare reached out to me and offered to help secure those files, I jumped at the chance and am now the proud owner of a Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive. That Hard Drive is now guarding my precious data as if its life depended on it. Tesco Compare was a website I associated with helping me take care of my home, my car and so on but I was grateful when I learned they could help me with my data also.


The Seagate Expansion Portable hard drive promised an easy-to-use solution when needing to add storage to your computer instantly or if you needed to take files with you on the go and it definitely delivered. It’s small and sleek, holds plenty of information, is USB powered and comes with easy to use software.


The hard drive was simple to install, needing to do no more than plug in a single USB cord. Once I had it up and running, it showed 931GB of free memory space which is plenty for most of us. There are a couple of files on the drive which contain a programme that allows you to register the drive, it does not have to be done this way but it is quick and enters the serial number for you. It is worth registering as there is a 2 year guarantee - An added bonus.


The drive itself is small enough to be unobtrusive at approx L128mm x W89mm x D22mm. The finish is a rough polished black and it looks the part I have to say, whilst being practically silent in operation and not disturbing your working mind.


All in all, I have no complaints from my first month of using it. It’s given me peace of mind, knowing that my blog, photos and videos are all backed up and safeguarded. Not only that, but I’ve been able to keep my computers internal hard drive less crowded – freeing up more space to take even more pictures of my rapidly growing child. This fatherhood journey is one that moves so quickly, you need help capturing the moments and the Seagate External Hard Drive plays its part in looking after those memories for you. Because who wouldn’t want to ensure the likes of these didn’t get lost forever?

For the boring legal part of blogging, I'm informing all readers that I received the hard drive Tesco Compare  for my time and for featuring their website and products here in my blog...