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Running? In February? - Asics GT 2000 3 Review

27/02/2015 19:52

You know how we all make those promises to ourselves about exercising more every New Years Eve? It's not an easy promise to keep is it? You get the initial buzz and abundance of good intentions but come February it's usually become a chore again. The weather is wet and windy... it's always dark (even at midday sometimes it's dark!) and the sofa is the most seductive temptress of them all. Only a very small percentage of well drilled lunatics actually want to venture out and run come February. I'd like to say that I'm one of those lunatics, but I'm not! I'm actually the temptress's easiest victim. BUT! But, I've been running this month... and more than once. I've found the key to success in these nasty winter months and I'm going to share it with you. New kit. Everyone loves to get something new and shiny and getting new kit to train in is a great motivator. It can be difficult as a parent to find the time to exercise, or to justify buying ourselves new kit but in times like that I ask myself if there's a better example to set than a healthy one? We have to remember that we are important too, even if we are not our number one priority anymore. It needn't be an expensive piece of kit - it could be a new shirt, sweatband or drinks bottle. But I was lucky enough to lace up new trainers to workout in.


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The Asics GT-2000 3 series were a great option for me and I genuinely couldn't wait to test them out. They offer them in a range of colourful combinations, but I opted for a sensible black and silver. They were incredibly light, cooling and comfortable to run in on the roads right from the very first wear. The most impressive and important aspect of this running shoe to me though, was the gel cushioning. Asics used gel cushioning in the heel for maximum shock absorption through the entire gait cycle and with refined protection technology throughout the entire shoe it's designed to do a great job. This running shoe has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association and by any standards (despite me being in the UK and not the USA) thats a pretty trusted backer to have. I suffer from recurring knee injuries in both legs and rarely run anymore. I turned down the opportunity to have both joints operated on just a few years back, choosing to wait until later in life and just restrict my physical activity. I'm nervous every time I decide to run. The cushioning and protection that the Asics GT 2000 3 series gives me, has eased those nerves 10 fold. I have suffered no pain, no joint failures and no stiffness since running with these trainers. None. I could give you the run down of all the technology used in creating them, and all the facts that you Asics quote themselves but honestly? There's not better compliment I can give them than saying that I gave up running due to injury and since wearing these, I'm able to pound the roads once more.

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Disclaimer - I was sent these Asics running shoes from the good people at SportsShoes in return for this review. All words and opinions are both honest and my own.




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