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Perfect Day

24/06/2014 19:29

So, I'm sitting at work with the sun beating on my back from the window behind me, knowing that I finish at 1pm and have a free afternoon ahead of me. I'm at my desk and reading this post from one of my favourite bloggers, 'Mummy Daddy Me' and I get to thinking. The photos look fantastic and the simplicity of the day her family enjoyed in the sun sounds very appealing. We've all been a little stressed lately as we impatiently wait for baby girl to join our family and slowing the pace down this afternoon could be what we're all in need of. I instantly decide that we will head to one of our favourite little tea rooms on a local farm - Sky Lark. The views from Sky Lark Farm are amazing, there's a fantastic play area, plenty of open green space for little man to play in and a caffeine hit from their coffee press always hits the spot. It would be the perfect place to spend a perfect afternoon just like the one I'd spent the morning reading about.



Sky Lark Farm delivered the caffeine hit that I needed and was the ideal setting in the sunshine as expected. The rest of the afternoon however wasn't how I'd played it out in my head, but pretty much how I've come to expect. The lush green hills are home to the farms free range chickens and I took Clayton to get a closer look. He was frightened to death. We ventured into the play area, which we had to ourselves and marched straight towards the swings; his favourite. Push...giggle...push...giggle...push...'I want to get off and I'm going to shout until you take me out'. The bouncy castle was inflated and being empty, seemed like a great opportunity to try something new with little man. We clambered into the colourful house that had 3D smiling pig faces on its walls. What was I thinking? He was scared of the chickens and didn't want the swing, why did I think that was going to be a success? We were out of the inflatable scare house as quick as we'd climbed in! My last roll of the dice was the trampoline that was set into the ground, leaving no risk of falling off. I sat his chubby legs down, perched myself opposite and began to slowly bounce. I was delighted to get the smiles that I had been looking for and kept up the rhythm until I looked over and saw our order being delivered to the table. I carried our only child (not for much longer) back to the table his Mother and Grandma sat at only for him to vomit all down my outfit.



I started the afternoon with a solid enough plan... nothing too ambitious or extravagant. I was just in search of a relaxed, normal, perfect afternoon. Scary chickens, a non-fun swing, a bouncy castle home to horrifying piggies and enough trampoline fun to produce a vomit stained shirt! Perfect family afternoon out? Nailed it!



Topic: Perfect Day

Date: 24/06/2014

By: Katie @mummydaddyme

Subject: I love this

Ah I love this Ryan, I love that you just randomly decided to go and have an afternoon in the sunshine. Those definitely are the best kind of days. Scary chickens, a non-fun swing, a bouncy castle home to horrifying piggies and vomit stained shirts aside of course. ;) Thanks for linking to my blog post.


Date: 25/06/2014

By: Ryan Costello

Subject: Re: I love this

It kinda sucked that he was scared of the bouncy castle. I was looking forward to bouncing around like a lunatic and getting yelled at by my wife for playing too rough ;)