Dad In Training

Our last trip as a family of 2!

25/04/2013 15:47

The realisation is really kicking in now, and the days on our countdown calendar are whittling away faster than skittles in a bowling alley. Soon, we won’t be a family of 2 anymore! Care free days will be a thing of the past. It’s because of this that we decided to get away for a weekend and have a pre-babymoon (I promise I didn’t just make that word up!). If you can afford it, then it is something that I would recommend for any expecting first time parents. It needn’t be expensive either – we drove to Lake Vyrnwy in Wales. We stayed in a country hotel overlooking the impressive lake and there was no sign of civilisation for miles. We didn’t even have mobile phone reception, which was the ideal setting for a couple who had been stressing about being ready for a new baby.

(Stopped for a fantastic breakfast in Shrewsbury on the way)



It was nice to just treat ourselves too. All of our time and funds have been focused on one thing and one thing only. It will be a while before I can freely drink a bottle of wine again and not worry about what I may have to do with my fuzzy head. It will probably be even longer before my wife can sit and put her feet up whilst scoffing chocolates and being 100% guilt free. A happy Mummy results in a happy baby and for those 2 days (and that’s all it took) we were a happy, relaxed family.


("Enough of the strolls. Food, drink, feet up! I'm pregnant!")


There had been so much to think about and so much to do that we had almost forgotten about each other and that we were in fact a newly married, young couple. A weekend away meant we could focus on being a couple and spend some quality time together for what could be our last opportunity for the foreseeable future. We took strolls, indulged in good food, took bubble baths and just lounged; admiring the spectacular scenery and just catching our breath from the hectic life we had left behind for a couple of days. In fact, it was hard to even pull ourselves out of bed, or from the bathtub which offered incredible views without even having to lift our heads! The peace and tranquillity was just what the doctor ordered.


(Bed ALMOST big enough to not hear the pregnancy snoring. Almost)

(The living area at the base of our bed and a section of the panoramic window)


(This could be seen from bed, bath, restaurant and bar!)


We both love to travel and experience new things, and fear slowing down once little man is in our arms. I don’t think that having a baby will stop us seeing the world, but he will certainly make our travel experiences different and a little more hard work. But you know what? It will be twice as rewarding, and twice as special experiencing any journey in life as a family! Our family!