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25/02/2015 12:45

I love reading about other peoples home in a great feature ran by a fantastic blogger, Penny Alexander for Wayfair called #MyHomeRocks. That's why I was genuinely pleased to have been asked to take part in it. I snapped a few photos on my iPhone of some of my favourite pieces in our home (that we've only been in a year) and typed some words to go alongside them. I was really excited to find the post had gone live this week. Inviting a bunch of strangers into your home would be a tad scary if it wasn't for cyberspace acting as a mutual friend. As a blogger, I feel like everyone knows all about my life as it is - so why not invite you into my home too?


Go and check it out for yourselves. Let me know what you think! 

Click me - I will take you right into his home! I have a key and everything.




My Home Rocks at A Residence

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