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My Wife is giving birth tomorrow.

08/07/2014 17:36

Wooohoo! Finally!! 


My wife is giving birth tomorrow. Wait, I mean my wife is going into labour tomorrow. Hang on... my wife is going to be induced tomorrow! Definitely, going to be induced. As for the actual labour and birth part happening tomorrow? Well our fingers are crossed. 


This pregnancy seems to have lasted an age against all hopes and expectations and we're finally at the end. And thank goodness. Our first child was born almost 4 weeks early and took us by surprise, making life so much less stressful. The waiting this time around has been an added strain on everyone involved and honestly, the only one who has dealt with it admirably has been my wife herself. I'm incredibly proud of the way she has kept her cool, handled a 1 year old with an ever growing bump and coped with an antsy husband. I still get stressed in the runup to Christmas and can't sleep the night before in anticipation, so you can imagine how I've been for the last month. She deserves a medal for the way she's juggled pregnancy, motherhood, a house move and ME all at the same time. 


(Strapped up for our last hopeful visit/scare earlier this week)


As if the waiting hasn't been stressful enough, we made the mistake of using Dr.Google and asking all the wrong people about the induction of labour process.  The world is full of people that feel the need to share horror stories with people that really don't need to hear them. Anxiety is not an emotion that needs encouraging at a time like this. We're naturally worried about how big she has become after 42 weeks of pregnancy and the fact that they're going to induce the labour medically. The end result will hopefully be a healthy, happy baby to love and cherish and that's the only thing we're trying to focus on. What will be, will be and we're beyond excited about extending our family very soon.


So tonight, we will go to bed and attempt to sleep. We will all wake up in the morning and rise as a family of 3 for the last time under this roof. Then we shall make our way to the hospital, pray that we won't be the next characters introduced to the horror series known as 'induction' and not return again until we have a healthy new addition to our family wrapped up in knitted blankets. The World Cup Final is this weekend, and despite no English presence on the biggest stage I hope to be fist pumping with the best of them and celebrating something much more spectacular than football - the arrival of our latest (and last) child. 


Wish us luck!



Topic: My Wife is giving birth tomorrow.

Date: 13/07/2014

By: wendy

Subject: re

Congratulations on your new arrival hope you are all settling in as a new family


Date: 12/07/2014

By: Shell Louise

Subject: Congratulations

I see from your update post you now have a wonderful new addition to your family. Congratulations :) xx


Date: 10/07/2014

By: Vicky (@aroundandupsidedown)

Subject: Congrats

Huge congrats to both of you - hope it all goes smoothly x
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Date: 10/07/2014

By: Paul Wandason

Subject: thinking of you all

Good luck to all of you...hope it goes well!

As a side note...does anyone find the term "induction" a bit strange? I'd kind of expect that new born babies need an "induction" course to their new world...kindly supplied by loving mums and dads!


Date: 10/07/2014

By: Zena's Suitcae

Subject: Good Luck

Hope everything goes well!


Date: 10/07/2014

By: Helen @ Witty Hoots

Subject: Hope things are going well!

Hopefully you have already got your bundle in your arms - if not then hope things are going well. As for the world cup - I'd be snuggled in with my new addition to the family!!


Date: 09/07/2014

By: Sonia - This Mummy Loves

Subject: Good luck!

Oh wow!! Good luck! Hope all goes well! x


Date: 09/07/2014

By: Tom @Ideas4Dads


Good luck :-)


Date: 09/07/2014

By: Fritha Strickland

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how exciting! good luck!


Date: 09/07/2014

By: Globalmousetravels

Subject: Good Luck!!

Good Luck - I hope it's all going / gone to plan!!