Dad In Training


04/07/2013 13:29

Baby Clayton seems to change practically every day! He is coming along and growing so fast that it's scary. Elders always tell the younger generation to enjoy their time, because it goes by so quickly but only now am I beginning to appreciate how true that statement can be. I feel that the days are so busy now, and his development so rapid that if I blink for too long then I am likely to miss something unexpected. He's 2 months old and has almost doubled in weight already! He sees me now, and is much more alert. I can't wait for his personality to blossom, and I often sit and wonder what his voice will eventually sound like.

I'm no baby expert as you know, and I realised that as fast as I think time is flying by... I'm not really qualified to compare his development to where it might be. This morning then, I did some research on baby milestones to see how he's really doing;



When it’s likely to happen: A baby should be smiling back at his parents around two months of age, but there are some instances when it may take a little longer"

- Well he's well on track here. Ahead of the game even. He's been smiling back at us and responding to baby talk with cheeky smiles for a few weeks now. Much to our delight!


"Raises head when lying on stomach

When it’s likely to happen: Your baby should be able to do this and turn his head from side to side by the age of 3 months"

- Really? No word of a lie, Clayton was doing this before we left hospital and has loved tummy time from the very first week. His head is STRONG! The only thing that has changed is how long he can do it for and he improves by the day.


"Rolling Over

When it’s likely to happen: Some infants start to roll as early as three months, but on average, it’s usually more like four to six months, initially rolling from front to back"

- Well I think we have Claytons love of tummy time to thank for this one, but he's rolling from front to back with relative ease. Just days before the 2 month mark we captured it on video. We were amazed he managed to do it unassisted, but more so when he proved that it wasn't a fluke and repeated it another 2 times for good measure.


Reading the stats, it would be fair to say that I'm an incredibly proud Daddy today and can't wait for his development to continue. Just not too fast..! What could be next in store though?


"Sleeping Through the Night

When it’s likely to happen: Generally, after four months of age, an infant should be able to sleep at least six to eight hours straight without feeding By six months of age, they should be able to go at least 8 to 10 hours without a feeding."

- Well we can hope can't we?