Dad In Training

Like Father Like Son

25/06/2014 18:38

I just want to take a moment to say that despite England's heartbreaking early exit from what is Clayton's first World Cup we are both still stubbornly patriotic. Luckily he is too young to remember the pain of this World Cup as an England fan but no doubt he's a lifetime of wasted hope on our football team ahead of him. At least there's been some fantastic football during the last couple of weeks to keep his Dad smiling.



Another reason I've enjoyed this World Cup from a Fatherhood point of view is the fact that it's the perfect excuse for me and Clayton to wear the same outfits, likw in our football kits above. I love to dress him like me and go out for the day. Online shopping is a great way of achieving that matching look. You can search out outfits and view them side by side in your web browser and make sure they compliment eachother. My favourite place to do that is House of Fraser, who have such a wide range of stylish outfits for both me and my son! Give it another few years and he wouldn't be seen dead rocking the same threads as his old man, so I'm making the most of it now!



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