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Huevos Rancheros Recipe

17/03/2015 19:58

All this week, BritMums are championing an Easter themed scheme encouraging people to share photos of their favourite #HealthyEggMeals on their Instagram feed. I shared my photo of Huevos Rancheros. It's a regular favourite in our kitchen and is so simple to make that I felt the need to share it. Huevos Rancheros is a Mexican inspired breakfast or brunch dish, but we eat it at any time of day and can be bulked out with guacamole and tortillas if you're extra hungry. Why not give it a try? Here's how...



1 onion diced

2 peppers (different colours) diced

1 courgette diced

1 chilli finely chopped

1 garlic clove crushed

1 teaspoon garlic salt

1 can of chopped tomatoes

1 handful of chopped basil leaves

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 knob of butter

4 eggs



Make a chunky salsa by adding all of your ingredients besides your oil, butter and eggs into a large mixing bowl. Combine well.

Heat the oil and butter together over a medium heat in 2 seperate frying pans.

Divide your salsa between the 2 pans and cook for 2 mins.

Make 2 holes in your mixture with a wooden spoon and crack an egg into each space.

Cover with a lid. A regular saucepan lid works fine if you don't have lidded frying pans. It just needs to cover the eggs.

Cook for 2-3 mins or until the eggs are just set and transfer your meal to warm plates.


Huevos Rancheros Recipe



Topic: Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Date: 17/03/2015

By: Wife

Subject: they are amazing

one of my favourites!