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How To Tell Spring Is Here

12/04/2015 15:48

Easter, the clocks changing  and daffodils all signify spring, but nothing screams warmer weather and outdoor fun is back than the emerging of life. Birds singing in the mornings again, rabbits hopping on the sides of country lanes and our favourite - lambs bouncing their way through the fields. We tried to get out as much as we could over winter, but it's never easy and we are looking forward to much more outdoor fun now that that spring is definitely in full flight.

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We've even packed away the fleet of pushchairs and strollers and purchased a selection of baby and toddler carriers to give us more freedom and options for a summer of exploring the beautiful outdoors.

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We'd seen the lambs in the fields for a few weeks and decided to get a closer look before we missed the lambing season altogether. This past week we drove to Bliss Lane Nursery; a local farm in the Northamptonshire village of Flore. It's a small, family run business that invites you to bottle feed their flock of newborn lambs for a mere £1 a bottle. It was great to get so close to them and explore the area (whcih also had chickens, ducks, goats and horses).  For Clayton, it was a fantastic opportunity to relate to the pictures he has seen, stories he has been read and noises he's perfected. He is really developing in character lately and to see him waving at the animals and trying to talk to them really made my afternoon.

Lambs on the FarmPetting Lambs on the FarmFeeding Lambs on the Farm

The only frustration we are left battling is his fear of the animals. He was fine when in the carrier and really happy to be there but wouldn't go anywhere near them of his own accord. He was the same at the Sea Life Centre recently too, and that's just fish in tanks. His first ever outing was to the zoo and we've always taken him to see animals and read about animals. He loves animals. He's just fearful of them when he is physically in their presence. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Is it a phase? Is there anything we can be doing to help the situation? 




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Topic: How To Tell Spring Is Here

Date: 07/05/2015

By: Mums do travel

Subject: Comment

My son was terrified of animals when he was little too, especially dogs. We solved it by getting a puppy! My son is 12 now and is fine with dogs and most animals but still not keen on cast. I think that id a child is scared of anything you just have to sympathise and support them through it.


Date: 21/04/2015

By: agata

Subject: sun

I think as long as the sunshine is here and flowers are in bloom we can be sure spring arived at our doorsteps :-)


Date: 17/04/2015

By: Sonya Cisco

Subject: Spring

My three year old thinks summer is here - he has spent most of the last week in a big bucket of water in the garden!


Date: 16/04/2015

By: Globalmousetravels

Subject: post

I'm sure it is just a phase, the world is quite a scary place and it's a case of feeling comfortable with it bit by bit. yay for spring though, I absolutely love it!


Date: 16/04/2015

By: Laura @ KneadWhine

Subject: Easter

I'm not quite sure how Clayton is - 18 months? 2 years? A friend of mine's son is going through exactly the same thing at the moment - the fear. It's pretty normal.

As others have said - keep it up. It will soon pass. Although I say that and D is nearly 5 and didn't really want to stroke an ex-guide dog today.


Date: 16/04/2015

By: Kara

Subject: Farm

Looks like you had a fabulous day out - don't worry his confidence will come. We put a gopro on Isaac when visiting Coombe Mill and even we were shocked by how big the animals look from their perspective


Date: 16/04/2015

By: Michelle

Subject: The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Yay Spring! New things can be scary for little ones, especially things that are bigger than them! Just keep introducing him to the animals and I'm sure he'll be fine with them in not time at all x


Date: 16/04/2015

By: Jaime Oliver


oh wow i am so very jealous that you got to feed lambs! i would love to to that!


Date: 15/04/2015

By: mama syder

Subject: fear of animals

When my two boys were small we lived in London close to a city farm and when we first started taking them to visit the animals one of them was too frightened to go near them, but after visiting regularly he was fine and would feed & stroke them without fear. Lovely photos.


Date: 15/04/2015

By: Joanna Imran

Subject: ...

Lovely day out! Not sure about the animals, hopefully it's just a phase if he loves them otherwise. My boy is yhe opposite, you can hardly get him away from any living thing!