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Free British Family Day Out

09/03/2015 00:32

Days out don't have to be expensive or involve travelling far and wide. Sometimes we all forget that quality time with our loved one or children is what's important and the location or activity isn't actually that important. Espcecially where young children are concerned. Clayton is at an age where he is intrigued by everything and just being on the move and outdoors is enough to set his senses on a rollercoaster ride. One of our favourite activities as a family is completely free - walking. Walking gives us all some fresh air and exercise; it lulls the children to sleep in the pram if need be, it gives us chance to talk if need be and it becomes a great adventure if fun and games are on the agenda. It doesn't matter what time of year it is either. We love wrapping up and walking in a stiff wind, love devouring ice cream in the sun as we stroll and like we did on our latest walk... we love to splash in puddles!

You needn't spend a fortune on days out all the time. Dress appropriately and take your children to enjoy the simple things in life. Feed the ducks, splash in puddles, skim stones and see who can find the biggest stick. We're blessed in the UK to have countless places to stroll on our doorsteps. Being outdoors is a wonderful thing; for mind, body and the imagination of the next generation.


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Topic: Free British Family Day Out

Date: 19/03/2015

By: fritha

Subject: suit

love that all in one suit!


Date: 16/03/2015

By: Shell Louise

Subject: .

We went out for the day yesterday to Rufford Abbey and it was a brilliant day out for only the cost of the petrol to get there. Parking is free until April and then it's only £3 for the whole day. We took a picnic and ate in the car because it was cold but we'll be going back in the summer.
I love days like this that don't cost the earth :)


Date: 14/03/2015

By: Stephen

Subject: Lucky

We are lucky that, even though we live in London, we have some great parks close by.


Date: 13/03/2015

By: Charlotte Braithwaite

Subject: TRUTH

You really don't have to spend a fortune to keep these little people happy.
Hayden will have so much fun at the park then at a theme park
Charlotte :)


Date: 13/03/2015

By: Laura

Subject: Free British Family Day Out

I totally agree with you. We have a nature reserve not too far from our house and I love taking my children for a good old walk.


Date: 12/03/2015

By: bluebearwood

Subject: outdoors we go

Totally agree with you. we're always out and about all year. Nothing better than experiencing your environment in all kinds of weather as you see so many different things


Date: 12/03/2015

By: Kara

Subject: Snowsuit

Love his snowsuit - Sebby has the dungarees in that pattern


Date: 11/03/2015

By: Amy Squires

Subject: Muddy puddles

Looks like you all had a lovely day. We love heading out for long walks


Date: 11/03/2015

By: VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood

Subject: Rambling

We love to walk too (the blog name says it all!) It is calming and cheap. And good exercise too.


Date: 11/03/2015

By: Clare Nicholas

Subject: that suit

I am loving that suit it's just adorable