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First Shoes

18/06/2014 17:05

As our baby boy makes his transition into fully fledged toddler-hood it seems as though every day is a new milestone; a new 'first'. He's growing up so quickly that I almost feel like it has passed me by. I have to say that it's made me all the more grateful to have another baby on the way and a second chance at making sure I take in every single detail of that magical first year. This past weekend played host to a milestone we've been waiting for - We took Clayton to get his first proper pair of shoes. He's growing in confidence by the day on his little feet and walking unaided now and it really was about time he was correctly sized and donning a sturdy pair of kicks.


We took little man to Clarks. Clarks have a reputation in the UK for being the best in the business for a childs first shoes and therefore that's where we went and I'm glad we did. The staff there were obviously used to dealing with young children and were both patient and friendly. They sized him (I didn't know until that point that a toddlers shoe size is based on both length by number and width by letter), kitted him out and then took his photograph as a memento to remember his first pair by. It felt like a big deal and I guess it was really. It's a big step in his little life (no pun intended - I think). Having that photograph tucked away in his memory box will allow him too look back one day and be able to say 'Thanks Grandma for coming along and buying me my first pair of shoes'.



It was great to see Clayton trying on several pairs of shoes and walking around the shoe shop in them looking so pleased with himself; clapping his hands and showing off all 7 of his pearly whites. He even tried making friends with a little girl of similar age who looked just as pleased to be being bought a pair of colourful sandals. Why wouldn't they look pleased with themselves too? I know it's only his first shoes and his first steps in them, but in my eyes that's a big deal. There's new milestones almost constantly at this stage in his life, and every single one of them makes me look on in awe and feel immensely proud.



I get the feeling that now our boy is on his feet and growing in confidence, the adventures are about to become much more extravagant, at times dangerous and without a doubt - fun! The only sad thing is he is growing ever closer to not wanting Daddy to hold his hand along the way. But then again I suppose that's parenting in a nutshell... we have to let go of their hand eventually, even though we'd love to walk an inch behind them to be there when they fall.




In other news, we are still waiting patiently for baby girl to arrive. Clayton was born early at 36 weeks 6 days and all through this second pregnancy, we have been told to expect something similar. At over 38 weeks now, we are both frustrated that she is still clinging on to the safety of Mummys belly. We've had 2 false alarms, accompained by hospital visits in the last week, which have really added to the stress but we are trying to remain positive. She'll be here when she is ready, and it won't be too much longer before I can introduce you to her. This is just a stressful waiting game that we didn't experience first time around, when we were taken by suprise prematurely. In the meantime, we are keeping our fingers crossed...



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