Dad In Training

First Family. New Emotions.

25/03/2013 09:02

Expecting your first child is an emotional time – all of the time! It’s wonderful, miraculous, exciting, amazing, proud... scary, fearful, anxiety-inducing. You’ve known other people babies, you’ve scoured the internet and read book after book, but you still feel like you have no clue what to expect or what to do.

(Yes...I know, Diana isn't blonde!)


I plan on diving into the adventure headfirst, and with an open mind. I know that there will be both successes, failures, and plenty of unpredictable bumps along the road known as parenthood. It’s not always easy, but I’m trying to not even attempt to predict what those bumps could be. I don’t want to over worry.

(Bumps in the road known as parenthood...looks enjoyable though.)


The difficult emotion to keep at bay I find though is paranoia. As parenthood gets closer and closer, so does the realisation that someone else’s life will rely entirely on me and my partner. ME? And my partner? I’m about as reliable as an email from the Ugandan lottery and as useful as a chocolate teapot, so I’m praying that my wife’s shoulders are big! Not only is it your ability that you question, but what happens when you’re not around at all? I’ve never even seriously thought about what might happen if I were to die before. I don’t even have life insurance! Perhaps I should add that to the list of tasks to complete before baby arrives...!


Will our relationship be the same? Will I lose myself? Will my child arrive safely and perfect? Will we have enough money? Will I have to grow up? Like all the way up? Wait... I just said I wasn’t going to over worry. Time to pull the plug on this computer!