Dad In Training

It All Starts Here...

28/01/2013 18:00

Whether its a surprise, planned, expected or not, it's a shock! Somewhere, whether its blatant for all to see or hidden somewhere in your subconscious, it's a shock! Whether you're elated, angry or just want to run and hide, it's a shock! It's confusing. In 5 seconds, before you've even finished digesting the news, you've gone from being on top of your game with your life all mapped out on an invisible list, to a scrunched up ball of paper lying in the corner, where it's missed the waste paper bin!

You're partner, girlfriend, fiance, wife or just woman in your life (or night) is pregnant. What on earth do you do?


When I found out, I was over the moon. I still am. I'm apprehensive, nervous, scared, clueless but I'm still on cloud nine that there's a little man that I can call my own coming into this world. That's right... I said 'little man'. We found out on 7th January at our second scan (he's due May 25th) that bump was no longer a baby, but a baby boy (or little rascal as we've found ourselves nicknaming him). I didnt think I was bothered about the sex, I genuinely didnt, but when the sonographer said 'boy' I felt like I'd scored the winning goal at Wembley! In fact if it wasn't for the ridiculous rules of our once beloved game, and I didnt fear a yellow card, I'd have perhaps lifted my shirt above my head and slid to my knees in celebration, just to emphasize the daydream I'd slipped into. But like I said, apprehensive, nervous, scared, clueless...


What does it take to be a Dad? There's so much I know I dont know - what about the things I dont know, I dont know? If you think about it too much you find yourself more confused than a homeless person on house arrest!

In my desperate quest to force Google into finding me websites that shake their magic wand and transform me into an unphasable Dad, I stumbled across this:

Its a list of multiple choice questions that give you your new father IQ. I scored 13 out of 15. I dont know how!

I hope the rest of the journey is as easy as that! I somehow doubt it...