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Fathers Day: My Hero.

14/06/2014 10:32

You certainly won't hear me complaining whenever I get a gift, particularly if it's been given as a token to highlight the love and appreciation of my family, but Fathers Day for me isn't about materialistic objects. It's become so commercial. Fathers Day for me is about celebrating the Fathers around the world and about spending quality time together as a family. There have been many people in my life; fictional characters, real aquaintances, celebrities even have all influenced me on my journey thus far. There have been so many people cross my path that it's hard to highlight just one, but I want to use this blog post as a way of celebrating my hero - Dennis Street. My Grandmothers Husband, my Mothers Grandad.


My Grandad isn't of celebrity status, isn't movie star famous and isn't Richard Branson rich. He isn't the director of a major company, isn't a sports star or a famous author. My Grandad is none of those things but he is however the most loyal, family orientated, selfless, fairest person you will ever meet. He is humble, worked tirelessly to give his family a comfortable life, is never too busy for anyone and has a heart made of the purest gold and for me, in my book, that makes him the richest man alive.



Every man needs someone to look up to and I'm proud to say that I look up to my Grandad. I have learnt many a life lesson from his examples and his principles, take on family life and integrity are the standards I try to set myself. The impact he has had on me as a Grandfather will hopefully transfer into my own make up as a Father, and if I work hard enough will be felt by my own children as they grow. Without ever saying it, my Grandad has always made it clear that family comes first and it's largely because of that example set that I believe both my time and money is always best spent with my family in mind.



One key lesson I learnt from my Grandad about parenting in particular (and he won't even be aware of the fact that he taught me this) is in respect to discipline. I remember, when the time called for it feeling disciplined by him and made to feel respectful of his authority. But that being said, I have no memories of ever being spanked by him and more so than any other figure of authority in my life growing up I was always spoken to fairly about it after the cool down period had passed. It always ended in discussion and conversation and I think that's important. It leaves no temporary feeling of resentment and makes the child feel like an equal and not left questioning reason.



I feel blessed that my Grandparents were in my life almost constantly growing up and am fortunate to have created many memories with them. I remember early Christmas's shared in their presence, holidays in this country and abroad and days at the seaside eating chips and pushing copper coins into amusement arcade machines like they were the happiest days of my life. I remember my Grandad bringing home a fancy gingerbread house, teaching me to ride a bike and taking me swimming even though he couldnt swim himself. I remember going to watch my Manchester United heroes train, kicking a ball with him and picking blackberries. I have fond memories throughout my life of time spent with him, and more recently, in my adult life, we have holidayed together and I have been able to share the early milestones of Claytons life with him and for that I am grateful.



My Grandad is my hero simply because he has lived his life the right way and strictly by the same set of principles throughout. He is my hero because he loves his family with such devotion; with loyalty, kindness and generosity. My Grandad may not wear a cape but he was and is my superhero and his influence on me  will be felt by own children. For me, Fathers Day is about celebrating the Fathers around the world and today I'm choosing to celebrate him. Who has influenced you as you've grown and how have they affected your transition to parenthood? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter at @costyy2k.



Topic: Fathers Day: My Hero.

Date: 17/10/2014

By: Jen aka The Mad House

Subject: Wonderful

How wonderful to still have your Grandad around. I would love to have my Grandparents or even my parents around.


Date: 16/10/2014

By: Pinkoddy

Subject: :)

Aww your Grandad sounds like a lovely gentleman, no wonder you are so proud.

My great Aunty Brenda was an important figure for me - she worked hard and put family first too. She looked after my after my mom died too.


Date: 16/10/2014

By: Donna

Subject: Father's Day: My Hero

Grandads are ace! Yours sounds like quite a man. :)


Date: 14/06/2014

By: Marc costello

Subject: :)

Brought a tear to my eye :)