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Childrens Hair

28/06/2014 15:50

I'm not a fan of stereotyping but I've partially fell into that category through my life in the way that I like sports and never played with dolls growing up. But now I have my own living doll in the form of a 1 year old son. I like to dress him... sometimes to look cool, sometimes to match me and sometimes to make him look silly just because I can. Something else I've never been a fan of is heavy metal or punk music. But that doesnt mean I cant inflict some of that style onto my doll does it? I enjoy feeding Clayton all the more when he has a punk rocker hairstyle and it doesn't look to me like he minds too much...


Do you ever style your kids for your own amusement?



Topic: Childrens Hair

Date: 29/06/2014

By: You Baby Me Mummy

Subject: Children's Hair

Oh I would so do this but Baby doesn't have much hair! But wait until she does :) x


Date: 01/07/2014

By: Ryan Costello

Subject: Re: Children's Hair

I'm going to do crazy stuff like this for as long as he'll let me. When he's 16 and passed out sleeping I'm gonna be doing it! lol