Dad In Training

Bucket List Perspective

08/03/2013 10:24

It’s funny how your perspective on life changes the closer you get to the birth of your first child. The thought of becoming a parent is at times very scary, but the thing I’m finding the most strange is how easy my outlook is changing. I have a bucket list – a hard list of things I wish to do and achieve before I ‘kick the bucket’. A lot of it is travel related. It would be easy to sit up all night dwelling on all the things I’m going to miss out on in the coming years; focusing on the things that will be missing from my life after the birth of our child. I’m pretty sure that no one would blame me for doing so either. I was sat thinking this week though and it really hit home – focus on the new things that you will have in your life. There’s going to be a very special little person to share every experience with, and I don’t doubt that life will in fact be immeasurably better and more rewarding than it ever has been.




Not all of my bucket list is travel and experience related. In fact ‘Become a parent’ is one of the items present, and I’m of course on way to achieving that. The number of items that aren’t on the list, but have suddenly appeared in my head (and seem more of a priority than those currently there) is growing every day. My new goal in life is to be a great role model to my child. Not a good role model, but a great one. My worst fear is him growing up and having to look elsewhere for his role model or for his inspiration.


How can I do that? It seems like huge such huge pressure, but in fact it’s something that isn’t (currently) phasing me at all. I intend to lead by example. Teach my child things by physically doing them myself... whether it be reading, kicking a football, pronouncing words correctly or being a good man. I hope to respond, and not react. Talking and not shouting. I hope to be consistent, love and show respect. I intend to be healthy, join in activities, listen, resolve conflicts and never, ever let him see his parents argue. I will aim to inspire and encourage. I can’t wait to embrace fatherhood!


On a side note-

One of the hardest things in a young male’s life before children come along and take the mantle is living with a pregnant woman. Trust me. I think I have been relatively lucky compared to a lot of the stories I hear, and my wife is doing a fantastic job with minimal hormonal displays or complaining. However, anything you can do to keep your pregnant partner happy is a good thing and only leads to a happier life for yourself too. Last night Diana attended a pregnancy yoga class for the first time, hosted by the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). She raved about it, made new friends and came home in a happy mood, smiling and enthusiastic. If your partner hasn’t tried one of these classes yet and even if she’s never practiced yoga in any form before – encourage her to. A happy pregnant lady leads to a content male partner.