Dad In Training

Bedtime Stories

19/02/2013 08:59

I don’t want to contradict my previous superiority announcement and I know that women have the hardship of pregnancy, and its certainly not something that I envy. From a selfish point of view though; as a Father to an unborn child, I have to say that women are the lucky ones. I long to meet my baby and am already growing impatient, and am jealous of that fact that my wife has already spent months bonding with our firstborn. Connected as one as he lives and grows from his cosy home within. As a Dad, I often feel like I am just cheering on from the sidelines, unable to bond or connect with our little rascal. But I’ve been trying...


Research shows that the baby’s hearing has long since developed and extraordinarily can actually identify specific voices as well. Research also suggests that foetuses past a certain stage of development can actually store information and hold onto memories. Its amazing to think that our baby should be able to detect, deduce and store such knowledge already and I am eager to take advantage. I want him to recognise his Daddies voice. I want to be able to bond... and so I have taken to talking to my wife’s bump.


I must say, talking directly to my wife’s belly button isn’t as easy as it sounds, and definitely leaves you feeling even sillier than it sounds! I’m used to talking to people and not getting a response, but it never feels as uncomfortable as this simple task. I find it difficult even knowing what to say, but I want the baby to recognise his Fathers voice from the moment he is born, and it’s something that I will have to persevere with.


Last night I tried a change in tactics and eliminated the need for thought (thinking is dangerous at the best of times after all). I picked up a book and read a short story out loud with my head resting against the baby bump. My wife is already struggling through her daily routine, and just getting comfortable enough in bed to fall asleep is proving difficult. And so I thought, even if little man doesn’t like the story, at least it should help my partner drift off to sleep. Reading about Bambi and Thumper being in too much of a hurry to grow up, I felt multiple kicks and nudges from within my wifes swollen belly. Apparently, a bond is forming after all. Apparently he does hear me. It’s a special moment when you know you’ve connected with your baby in your own special way!


It’s not so special however, when you realise that your reading voice has ushered your partner towards sleep though. Even if thats what you intended. Top tip for dads to be with pregnant partners – make sure you fall asleep before she does! Snoring is still the loudest topic of conversation in our bedroom after dark!