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Baby to Toddler in 15 Photos

04/06/2014 09:16

June is already shaping up to be a pretty stressful month. Baby girl is due to arrive on the 28th, but the fact that Clayton was 3 weeks early and Mrs C is measuring the same as she did first time round we are in fact sat twiddling our thumbs in anticipation already. Luckily the house is all ready, the Mother in Law is in residence and we are all set to go but strangely there's still a hint of denial in the air. Perhaps the worry of just how we are going to cope is putting all positive thoughts at bay until the day comes? The biggest shock of the week though came a couple of days ago. I was watching Clayton playing and chatting away to himself and it hit me just how big and advanced he had become. They say you notice things so obviously when you're surrounded by them every day and that was perhaps the case here, but out of the blue it really hit me that our baby wasn't a baby anymore. He doesn't really know it but he is set to grow up overnight when he takes on the role of big brother very soon. Sat thinking about that moment of realisation this morning had me reminisicing and flipping through old photos on my mobile phone. The transition from baby to toddler happens so fast. Too fast. I hope the rest of his growing up doesn't pass me by so rapidly and I wake up one morning to find him fully grown. I don't really want him to grow up just yet.


Anyway, here's Clayton going from baby to toddler in 15 photos. Scrolling through takes about the time it feels like it took in real time!




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