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Baby Shower? But I'm the Dad!

26/03/2013 15:11


Dad's nowadays are that much more involved than they used to be it seems- Or at least for the most part anyway. Men are expected to attend the birth and even play a role in the delivery process; paternity leave laws have changed and roles throughout the entire relationship have practically merged in terms of what's considered the social norm. Everything is considered to be a team effort, as opposed to the old fashioned expectations of 'bread winners' and 'housewives'. I think the modern changes to our society are changes that have been for the better too - And it's because of these changes that us men get to join in the party pre-baby style!


More and more baby showers are becoming coed lately; Unisex Baby Showers, Couple Showers, or as we billed our shower last weekend, Celebration of Life Party. We had a fantastic afternoon socialising with friends from both sides of the relationship. We ate, drank, chatted and of course received ample gifts for our future arrival. Anyone who is still hung up on the idea that the events are for the Mother only (I was of the same opinion just a week ago) should think otherwise. It's great to be able to socialise in a relaxed atmosphere for what may be the last time. Any future parties that we get to attend together now, will more than likely be with a baby in tow and one or both of us being unable to let our hair down.


From a mans perspective it was great! It was barely recognisable as a baby shower (besides the gift section, when it looked like a Mothercare bomb had detonated in the centre of the room). There was beer, pizza, jokes and went on well into the evening unlike the expected traditional day time hours of the usual girly affair. It was simply a party with friends, that also happened to result in us receiving countless gifts and in turn easing some of the financial burden that planning the baby's arrival  naturally comes with. 


The conclusion? Coed baby showers are awesome! We both helped create this baby that we're celebrating and preparing for; we're both in the journey together and therefore we decided to have a unisex party that we both enjoyed. I felt blessed by the fact that so many of our friends made the effort in poor weather conditions to let us know they truly care.  Thank you to anyone who helped make the day a success. Here's some photos…

 (The cake we had made went down really well. I stayed true to the diet and didn't have a piece though)


 (Probably the only time it'll be ok to take a knife to a babies butt!)

 (My wife looking beautiful even 31 weeks into pregnancy!)