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40 Days of Fitness Challenge #FitnessRevolution - Review

11/04/2015 14:18

As you'll know, I spent the period of lent taking part in a 40 day fitness challenge organised by DW Fitness that we referred to as #FitnessRevolution. The challenge was diarised and set out to challenge its participants to do something different every day for 40 days and kickstart their fitness regime. In that sense it succeeded. It encourages you to get off the sofa every day and get into a routine with fitness and I find (like many others) that getting into a routine is more than half the battle. However, I'm afraid to say that I didn't entirely stick to the schedule. I didn't find it testing or tough enough as someone that has had a love/hat erelationship with fitness for some time and as such it didn't keep me interested. What it did do though was get me back to thinking about fitness more daily and to me that was enough to have made it a successful programme. Not only that, but it got me back running again after such a long time away due to knee problems. I'd been scared to test my knee for so long after injury after injury after injury and once I finally did I've found it to be ok. It also encouraged me to record times and personal bests and then challenge myself to beat them each time. I'd never really bothered with that before and have perhaps been guilty of falling into the trap of going through the motions during certain workouts. 


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Overall, I would definitely recommend the challenge... but only to certain people. If you're new to fitness or have had a long break from fitness then this programme will definitely help you get the ball rolling. If you're already an enthusiast, then I would perhaps stick to what you're doing for the most part. I wouldn't dismiss it entirely though; Read through it, you'll learn a thing or two and will almost definitely discover something new to take away and encorparate into your existing regime. The key to any successful fitness regime is variety, and the #FitnessRevolution challenge will definitely encourage you in that aspect. Give it a try! Feel free to contact me if you want the challenge content emailed to you. Good luck.

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