Dad In Training

A mans right!

03/02/2013 13:45

My son loves football. He just doesn't know it yet!


I firmly believe that when creating anything, it is my perogative to mould that creation in such a way that pleases me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have many a passion, and that football is at the very top (or at least close to the top) of that list. I love football. My son will love football and will grow to love football alongside me - his Father. Excuse me if I sound power happy, or come across all control freak, but I believe that it is a mans right to inflict sports upon his son.


Introducing a child to football is merely stage one. Bringing a team into the equation is most definitely stage two. I am a lifelong Manchester United fan - just like my Father, my Mums Father and many more before them. My first teddy bears were either red and white with the badge sewn to their chest, or at the very least named after a former Old Trafford playing legend. My son will be introduced to the beautfiul game in a similar manner and be as happy as I am now for the privelege. I dont expect everyone to agree with me on this one, or even understand - but I know my fellow football fans (short for fanatics lest we forget) will know exactly where I am coming from.

Introducing football and a team to an unborn baby is an easy instruction to give. It's still an easy one to give to a newborn, and not much more complicated to bring upon a toddler. It is one of my biggest fears however, that my first born son will go on to grow to an age where he is capable of making decisions for himself and then defecting. Jumping ship from red to pale blue, or heaven forbid to a side we don't like to speak of but are known for having a fan base that like to steal hubcaps and model cheap tracksuits. Manchester United legend, David Beckhams eldest son supports Arsenal! Imagine how he feels waking up each morning? I bet he's suspicious of his milkman thats for sure. His other two sons however are United fans through and through I am told, and therefore I respect the fact that he has learnt from his mistakes as he made his way through the Beckham Breeding Programme. It made me think; Is there no form of sabotage considered too low in the battle for children's footballing afflictions? This is a battle that I must not lose!


We found out on January 7th that the baby we were expecting was to be a boy. It took me less than 24 hours to get the ball rolling...