Dad In Training

A Love Letter

11/11/2014 09:40

I could tell you that I love you but that would only mean so much.

The word love never speaks louder than when I hold you in my clutch.

I let love roam as my action because the action of my love is proud;

So that if I should lose my voice today, tomorrow I could still shout I love you loud!

If you're lucky enough to hear love ringing then don't hesitate to answer that call;

For it is better to love and have lost ones love than to have never been loved at all.

If my love for you is ever brought into question, you'll hear me weep and sob...

For if you ever feel that you have to ask, then I'm sorry, I'm not doing my job.

I spring at your scent, your taste brings me from my knees,

Your love is like the softest of kisses carried on a winters breeze.

You bring me back from the dead, keep me afloat in a stormy ocean,

Lost and floating until I reach for your loves potion.

I used to crave you. I used to love you, but now I need you in my life,

You orchestrate my mornings and you take away my strife.

I could never do you justice. You'll never know what you mean to me.

I dread us being apart; the mere thought of it a catastrophe,

How would I even function? I could never be alone without you - my beautiful...




I know that I'm not alone when I say that caffeine found in the sweet java nectar of a coffee cup is the most addictive drug to a parent. I remember hating coffee growing up and wondering why adults all around me drank nothing else. Now I can't picture functioning without a regular fix. It all started with the stresses and strains of working an irregular shift pattern full time and gathered steam with the worry and anxiety the thought of becoming a parent for the first time induced. My addiction grew stronger when sleep deprivation kicked in during our time with our first newborn. It grew stronger still as things like teething and tantrums started rearing their ugly heads. When a second newborn was added to the mix it was already too late. I was hooked. I still am.


Dad Coffee


A morning without coffee is like sleep... (Author Unknown).





Topic: A Love Letter

Date: 14/11/2014

By: fritha

Subject: coffee

I have a similar love affair with coffee!


Date: 13/11/2014

By: Aisha from Expatlog

Subject: A foot in both camps

I was originally a tea girl through and through - Assam in the morning, Earl Grey in the afternoon - but after moving across the pond to Canada I've gradually learned to love the kick and taste of a good cup of joe. Now, unless I'm ill in which case it's ALWAYS tea, it's coffee for the morning and tea in the evening. I've gone full coffee-nerd, grinding my own beans for each pot.


Date: 13/11/2014

By: Kara

Subject: Starbucks for me

I am not really a coffee person but I do love a starbucks frappucino!


Date: 12/11/2014

By: Sara

Subject: This Girl Loves

Java is pretty addictive for a non-parent too ;) my Starbucks receipts can prove that!

Sara | <a href="">This Girl Loves</a>


Date: 12/11/2014

By: Agata P.

Subject: ooo

this was an unexpected finish :-)
Fab poem! Well done!
And yes, I love coffee too


Date: 12/11/2014

By: Mari

Subject: Mari's World

What a beautiful poem. I lived in Italy for 20 years and drank so many espressos I was almost Italian. I returned to the UK and have hooked up with tea. Now I can't swap for love nor money


Date: 12/11/2014

By: Jen aka The Mad House

Subject: Tea!

I feel the same way about tea. drinking coffee would be adulterous!


Date: 12/11/2014

By: Sonya Cisco

Subject: hahaha

I started off thinking awww bless then properly giggled when I realised it was about coffee - I feel that way about coffee too, in fact, its time for one now!


Date: 12/11/2014

By: Rachel

Subject: Coffee

This did make me cackle, ive been caffeine free for a year now and it has made so much difference to my sleeping pattern. That said, if I had small people, I am sure I would be an addict again x


Date: 12/11/2014

By: wendy

Subject: post

Great post, I know what you mean about shift work. It is awful I hated it