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A Dad & His Weight

14/03/2013 13:03

Less than 3 years ago, I weighed in at 236.9lbs (16.9st or 107kg) at age 23! 1 year ago at age 25, I was happier, more confident and weighed 168 lbs (12st or 76kg). Today, at almost 27 years old, I am back to feeling unhappy with myself, less confident and weighing 180lbs (12.12st or 81kg). Its not a good 180lbs either – it’s not toned, defined muscle weight; it’s fizzy sweets and chocolate biscuit weight!

(I must try harder to break my friendship with all of these guys!)


 I previously blamed couvades syndrome, telling myself that I was merely sympathetically piling on pounds alongside my pregnant partner. I previously told myself we were eating out more, knowing we perhaps wouldn’t be able to do so in the coming years. I previously told myself that quitting the gym with a baby on the way was financially the right thing to do. No matter what I told myself or what latest excuse I choose to use, the weight gain has to stop.

Some of you may think that 180lbs isn’t that bad and other people might think that my lowest weight of 168lbs is still too high. I don’t want to get caught up in numbers today – the only thing that counts is my own happiness. I’m obsessive over my weight and shape and easily become depressive about it – spending too much time in front of a mirror and standing on scales at least 3 times a day. It affects my everyday life and the lives of those around me. I’m therefore aware that I need to make a change immediately. Not to be able to avoid jibes and jokes from gym addicted colleagues, not to be able to wear certain clothes more confidently, but for myself; my happiness and my future family.

I have decided to make some changes to my diet. I’m going to attempt to avoid potatoes, bread, sweets and chocolate, and to drink much more water every day from now until my birthday. My birthday is May 12th, and not long before our baby son is expected to grace the planet. My reasoning for focusing on a date just 2 months away is that it will be easier to stick to, and a good treat day excuse dangling like a golden carrot in front of me. Experience tells me that setting short term goals are a good way of achieving results. I’m also starting to get stuck into some home workouts; circuit training with no equipment needed and in the comfort of my own living room. My reasoning for documenting my plans and exposing my weight here is that if I make my goals public, then I’m more likely to stick to them. I intend on letting you know how I’m get on every once in a while.

(Luckily I enjoy cooking dishes like this all veggie Mexican concoction!)


I don’t want to be that Dad that gets out of breath carrying his son to bed. I don’t want to be that Dad that gets laughed at when its parent participation time at the school sports day and I definitely don’t want to have to find excuses for not being able to run around the park or kick a ball with my child. I know that he’s not even born yet, but I also don’t want to wait until it’s too late. I’m conscious of how I let my weight affect my mood and demeanour and therefore want to be in much better shape physically and mentally by the time my family need me to really be a DAD! I want to be able to do everything and more with my new child and I want to enjoy my family (and them me hopefully) for years to come.


Do any other Dads out there have tips for staying healthy and keeping fit after the birth when time and cash are both short and precious? Reach out to me in the blog comments field or at @costyy2k on Twitter quoting the Dad Creek web address. You can also check out couvades syndrome for yourselves!