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28/02/2013 00:19

A Newbie’s Guide to pregnancy and your partner

Now, I’m no expert and in fact I am learning as I go along. Day by day. Hour by hour. I’m not a doctor, a midwife or a student who spent too long conducting pointless surveys to get my information. But I definitely know more about pregnancy, babies and parenting today than I did this time last...


25/02/2013 01:32

Couvade Syndrome

If I could carry our baby instead of my wife, I would. At least for an hour or so, just so I could see what it felt like having a life forming inside of you; carrying a living thing that’s an equal product of our marriage. But indefinitely? Not a chance! Delivery? Hmm. That being said though, it’s...


20/02/2013 08:56

Vocal Bonding

After the success of reading stories to my wife’s belly button and getting a response, it already seems easier to talk to my unborn son. It’s apparently the new thing to do each night. The way baby kicks and wriggles whenever he hears his Dads voice literally makes my heart smile. I’m not...


19/02/2013 08:59

Bedtime Stories

I don’t want to contradict my previous superiority announcement and I know that women have the hardship of pregnancy, and its certainly not something that I envy. From a selfish point of view though; as a Father to an unborn child, I have to say that women are the lucky ones. I long to meet my baby...


15/02/2013 01:25

Superior Announcement

Your partner gets the chance to bond with baby from pretty much day one, even if she doesn’t realise it. I mean, like it or not, the two of them are connected and living as one. As a Father though, you’re forced to wait a little while before you get such a privilege, or before it even hits home. I...


10/02/2013 00:22

A night of worry.

It’s turned midnight on a Saturday evening, rolling into Sunday morning and I’m stuck in the office facing several more hours of work. The human body isn’t meant to function at this hour (although after the birth of the baby I expect it will be forced to do so on a regular basis), and so my mind is...


03/02/2013 13:45

A mans right!

My son loves football. He just doesn't know it yet!   I firmly believe that when creating anything, it is my perogative to mould that creation in such a way that pleases me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have many a passion, and that football is at the very top (or at least close to...


02/02/2013 13:10

Change is afoot!

Change is obviously coming in a huge way and as each week passes by, I find my mindset changing. I find life changing. The changes and the sacrifices being made now are all miniscule in preparation for what is to come. I know that. I'm ok with that. I've always known that I wanted to father...


29/01/2013 03:31

Sleep Deprivation (Practice runs)

When it's 3.30 am and you've been awake over 2 hours, you know it's not a good night. I remember a quote, "People who say they sleep like a baby, usually dont have one". I'm told that babies sleep for a couple of hours at a time, and our baby is doing his best to ensure I get all the practice I can...


28/01/2013 18:00

It All Starts Here...

Whether its a surprise, planned, expected or not, it's a shock! Somewhere, whether its blatant for all to see or hidden somewhere in your subconscious, it's a shock! Whether you're elated, angry or just want to run and hide, it's a shock! It's confusing. In 5 seconds, before you've even finished...