Summertime Family Tradition

04/07/2015 11:24

Every year since my wife moved across from the States to start a new chapter in both of our lives together here in England we have been strawberry picking. We usually tie it in with Wimbledon season, Pimms and of course the obligatory strawberry pie. It has become our tradition, first as a couple and since as a family. It's a great excuse to get out into the fresh air and to me it just screams old fashioned British summer.

Mother Son Pick Your Own Strawberries

It's the perfect summers day activity for a toddler too. The ground is soft for gaining confidence on their feet, it promotes independence if they pick their own, imroves hand eye coordination and various motor skills and all whilst encouraging healthy eating. I know the signs say no eating as you go, but it's hard to tell a toddler no when theyre stuffed into his cheeks like a squirrel storing nuts and the juice is covering everything he touches.

Mother Son Strawberry PickingToddler Strawberry Pick Your Own

Alice unfortunately isn't quite on her feet and walking around yet. As much as she loved strawberries, she couldn't get involved. She came along, took everything in and enjoyed being strapped to Daddy instead. I love my time baby wearing with my little girl. We have had our struggles bonding and holding her close to me on days out like that is good for both of us. It's not the last time we go strawberry picking. It's definitely become a tradition and she'll be running around stuffing fruit into her face this time next year I can assure you. I'm just hoping that by then, Clayton hasn't grown out of fruit and only wants it in the pie. He's already showing signs.

Baby Wearing Dad Strawberry Pick Your Own

If you want to make the pie for yourself, you won't be disappointed. You can find the strawberry pie recipe on last years blog post.

Do you have family traditions? Do you have them for different times of the year?


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Topic: Summertime Family Tradition

Date: 17/07/2015

By: martyn

Subject: strawberries

Great post. We used to do this every summer as a kid but I've never taken the boys. We go to other pyo but not strawberries. Maybe this is the year to do it. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week.

Date: 12/07/2015

By: International Elf Service


This is such a lovely post and reminded me of the summers I went strawberry picking to earn money...we'd all shuffle along on our bottoms picking from two rows at a time. The smell was heavenly! We have lots of traditions here, particularly Christmas ones (obviously) and we love them all!

Date: 07/07/2015

By: Fee - Not Another Mum

Subject: Country Kids

Ashamed to say I've never been to a PYO.
When I was young we used to pick apples, pears & cherries from my Grans garden.

We always go blackberrying in the woods near our house...nobody else seems to go so we get a freezer full and enjoy them throughout the winter.

Date: 06/07/2015

By: Cat

Subject: Strawberries

Love going to a PYO! I'm waiting for a free weekend so I can go. It always tastes better when you've picked them yourself. I grew up going with my family so I think it is lovely that you're getting your little ones involved.

Date: 05/07/2015

By: Charlotte Oates

Subject: Sunday sweets

I haven't been to PYO since I was a child. I really should go again sometime as I love fresh berries and I'm completely incompetent when it comes to growing my own in the garden!

Date: 05/07/2015

By: Honest Mum

Subject: Strawberries!

Fab sunny pictures, we love strawberry picking too so will be sorting now the weather is lush, what a happy-maker of a post!

Date: 05/07/2015

By: Ryan Costello

Subject: Re: Strawberries!

How else was I going to make your smoothie?

Date: 05/07/2015

By: Lisa Savage - Mrssavageangel

Subject: Country Kids

We loved PYO before Oscar came along. We've tried taking him since, but he just wants to run up and down the canes, with no interest in joining in. Or least he was last year. Maybe we should try again. The recipe for Strawberry pie sounds wonderful. I've never had it before. What a great way to make the most of the years picking! #SundaySweets

Date: 05/07/2015

By: Ryan Costello

Subject: Re: Country Kids

Even if he isn't joining in, running up and down outdoors is never a bad thing. Working up a sweat for the strawberry pie thats all ;)

Date: 05/07/2015

By: Sam@happyhomebird

Subject: Strawberries

I must arrange to take my son to a PYO farm soon. We have an allotment plot but rows and rows of fruit make me smile. Lovely pictures and glad you all had a super time x

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