Summer is over

20/09/2014 11:46

What represents the transition from Summer to Autumn better than rain boots, apples and harvesting? I know you're thinking Pumpkin Spiced Lattes but this is a parenting blog and I'm hiding under the table just thinking about Clayton on a caffeine high, so we'll stick with the former. We wrapped up on a windy day last week and headed to a farm not too far from where we live. Malt Kilm Farm has a fantastic pick your own site and after our sensory success with that activity during the summer, we knew we couldn't go wrong by spending some time playing hunter gatherers again. The crops on offer here are more varied than most places depending on the time of year you visit and even at the end of the pick your own season we had plenty to choose from. We admired the flowers and foliage growing around the string beans, squash and courgette plots before making our way to the forests of sweetcorn plants. Clayton loved carrying the picked cobs around and the crops must have seemed ginormous to him... like a real adventure in his first pair of wellington boots. He is so confident on his feet now and he loved running around in the mud picking up whatever he could get his hands on and helping out with the picking activity. His personality is shining through and taking shape more and more every day.



We picked fresh autumn raspberries and gathered juicy apples from inside the farm shop before warming up with a pot of tea and sandwiches. But in truth, as nice as the farm shop and cafe was we couldn't wait to get home and put those apples to use! After a morning on the farm and a forecast of rain for the afternoon we used our time wisely and filled our house with the yummy scents of fall. We baked fresh batches of granola and stewed those apples ready to bake in a rustic, flavoursome apple and ginger pie! Summer might be over, but I think Autumn is my favourite time of year anyway...



Everythings better with pie right?

Topic: Summer is over

Date: 25/09/2014

By: Fritha Strickland

Subject: Autumn

Autumn is my favourite favourite season! I'm so glad we are getting married in it in a few weeks time! x

Date: 24/09/2014

By: Jen aka The Mad House

Subject: I love autumn

I wish we had a pick your own near us. He looks adorable and I adore Autumn

Date: 23/09/2014

By: Liska

Subject: Want to hold onto Summer

It's 17 degrees here and very sunny. This is week 4 of GREAT weather so I am not ready to welcome Autumn yet. Don't get me wrong there were many Autumnal days in August, but September is like an Indian Summer for which I am very grateful. Thankfully the only signs of Autumn this month, are the beautiful leaves, and the kids being back at school.

Love your pictures but not ready for Autumn yet here *hangs clothes on line in protest* xxxxxxxxxx

Date: 23/09/2014

By: Bek - dillydrops

Subject: Autumn is awesome!

This sounds wonderful. What a fantastic way to welcome Autumn. Apple and ginger pie-mmm... I think we will be baking soon.

Date: 23/09/2014

By: Kara

Subject: Fun

I love taking mine fruit and veg picking - scrunching in the leaves it great fun in autumn too

Date: 22/09/2014

By: Shell Louise

Subject: Love autumn

Winter and autumn are my favourite seasons. I'm not a sun lover, I much prefer the cosiness of wooly jumpers, scarves and gloves!

Date: 22/09/2014

By: Laura

Subject: Summer is over

Warm comfort food like pie (and all accompanying smells) is something I love about Autumn.

Date: 21/09/2014

By: Zena's Suitcae

Subject: Hello Autumn

What a great place to visit! Sounds like great fun for toddlers, caffeine or not ;)

Date: 21/09/2014

By: Ness

Subject: Summer is over

I've taken the kids round a maize maze before at this time of year. I love the colours of autumn but not the cold!

Date: 21/09/2014

By: Rachel

Subject: Bring on Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season, as things begin to charge, leaves drop to the floor and animals begin to nest, everything looks so amazing x

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