RIP Wordless Friday - Hello #FitFamilyFriday

24/10/2014 10:38

As most of you will have gathered by now, Friday's are usually word free here at Dad Creek. I usually reserve Friday's space for posting an image free of explanation. Well times are changing and this will be the last ever Wordless Friday. Don't worry though, because the feature is simply moving to a new host day, on a Wednesday. Well what about Friday's? Friday is going to play host to a new weekly link up going by the name of #FitFamilyFriday. The new link up is going to see 2 co-hosts take it in turns each week to present the feature.; myself and Tony from Disillusioned Dad. Both of us are keen to be fitter, healthier versions of ourselves in order to better enjoy family life and promote a healthy lifestyle for their children. The purpose of the link up will be to invite you to join us on our journey and encourage you to share any post (new or old) that is related to diet, exercise, health and wellbeing. I'm excited to venturing into pastures new and look to bring you more details and/or the first edition very soon! For now though, here's the last image to represent Wordless Friday.


Baby Girl Smiling

Dad Creek
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Topic: RIP Wordless Friday - Hello #FitFamilyFriday

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Date: 26/10/2014

By: Adele @ Circus Queen

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This is on my mind as well! I have got to get back into an exercise routine!

Date: 26/10/2014

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Good luck with the new linky.

Date: 26/10/2014

By: Shell Louise

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Good luck with getting fitter and with the linky :)

Date: 26/10/2014

By: Kara

Subject: Good Luck

We are looking to get fitter......good luck with the linky

Date: 25/10/2014

By: ninjacat

Subject: linky

good luck with the linky x i love a good linky

Date: 25/10/2014

By: clare @Emmy's Mummy

Subject: good luck

A lovely idea. Wishing you lots of luck

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