Pumpkin Picking Fail

30/10/2014 20:46

With Halloween just a couple of days away we still hadn't carved our pumpkins! Our house has been decorated since the 1st day of October but the customary pumpkins still hadn't found their homes at the front of our house. This was a problem that needed to be fixed. Last month I told you about our pick your own adventure when we visited a farm not too far from where we live and loved it. Well that same farm had posted photos and videos all over social media that showed off their impressive pumpkin patch and it was about time we joined in the fun (before we ran out of time and Halloween passed us by). We reached for boots and drove off in search of orange vegetables that we could somehow use to scare children away and leave more sweets for me come Halloween.


Child Holds Daddy's HandToddler Boots


We were excited to search out the perfect pumpkin, get some good photographs and go home to enjoy sensory activity's and carve out faces in their orange flesh. We were excited to embrace a true Halloween tradition. Instead we were met with this...


Pumpkins PYO


We were so upset. So upset that we had to force ourselves to enjoy coffee and cake in the fantastic tea room. We were disappointed to have missed out and play victim to what's obviously been a busy half term week for the farm but made the best of the situation. We had a nice hour in the tea room and then chose a selection of already picked squashes to take home and cook. Luckily for us, the supermarkets are all jam packed with pumpkins at this time of year and we still carved our faces in time for halloween. It wasn't the way we wanted to do things but at least all wasn't completely lost. Halloween is growing all the time in the UK and I'm glad that it is. My wife (being American) loves it more than Christmas and I'm excited to be able to enjoy it more and more each year as our children grow older.


Child VegetableChild SquashFather Son HugHalloween Pumpkin



Topic: Pumpkin Picking Fail

Date: 01/11/2014

By: The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover

Subject: Halloween

When you visit America you can see how huge Halloween is over there.

At least you managed to buy one in a supermarket :)

Date: 01/11/2014

By: Ryan Costello

Subject: Re: Halloween

We are always visiting America with having family there. All to aware of what we are missing out on here :(

Date: 01/11/2014

By: Kara

Subject: Oh No!

The moral of this story is to get in early - its the same every year I am afraid!!

Date: 31/10/2014

By: Agata P.

Subject: wow!

this is a great selection of pumpkins. Such a shame you were not able to pick it yourself.

Date: 31/10/2014

By: Ninjacat

Subject: Pumpkin

Glad you are able to make something of the day
Happy Halloween

Date: 31/10/2014

By: Clare @Emmy's Mummy

Subject: Oh no

Oh no. That's such a shame. Sounds like it would have been great fun. I would have had to force a cake down too

Date: 31/10/2014

By: Sarah Bailey

Subject: Halloween

Aww no what a shame they were closed - your finished pumpkins look amazing though even if they weren't from the patch:D

Date: 30/10/2014

By: Jen aka The Mad House

Subject: None here

We love celebrating it now we have kids. We will be carving a large pumpkin tomorrow as a family. No where to pick any near us and no munchkins or pretty decorative ones either

Date: 30/10/2014

By: My Family Ties

Subject: Halloween

I never really celebrated the whole Halloween thing as a child but am loving doing all the Halloween bits and bobs with my own children. Glad you ended up having a good time and carving some great pumpkins ! Happy Halloween :)

Date: 30/10/2014

By: Kate Thompson

Subject: Halloween

I was very wary of Halloween as we were not allowed to celebrate it when younger but I've really embraced it and enjoyed the festival with my children!

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