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12/07/2015 14:30

We've all been there. It's a universal problem bound to rear its head time and time again. There's a child you have to buy a gift for and you have no idea where to start. My children are aged 2 and 1... I'd have no idea what to buy a 13 year old girl. What about those parents who raise a trio of boys but have a 4 year old niece to buy for? Wicked Uncle solves all of those problems and does the hard work for you.

Animal Sounds Hay Ride Farm Toy


Wicked Uncle are not just an online toy shop, but are the complete gift buying service. Their website is simple to use and starts with an easy filter and search feature. You tell them the sex and age of the child you're buying for and it provides you with a list of age and gender appropriate gifts. You can even have your choice gift wrapped and sent direct to the recipient. It's the perfect service for parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents; for absolutely anyone to use when they're stuck for ideas or in a hurry. My brother doesn't have children of his own, but has several nieces, nephews and Godchildren. I can picture him sat at his computer come Christmas time buy gifts for all of those children within 10 minutes and being stress free. 

Toy Building Blocks


I decided to try out their service and get a new toy for each of my children. The search worked great, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that although you can search by boy or girl, they didn't attach a gender to too many of the toys and avoided most negative steroetypes. Within just a few minutes, I had a John Deere Animal Sounds Hay Ride Tractor in my cart for Clayton to remind him of our recent trip to Coombe Mill. For Alice, I opted for Manhattan Toys' Create & Play Pattern Blocks. Less than 2 days later, they were sat playing with them! I was pretty impressed to say the least. 

Baby Girl Playing Toy Building Blocks


With birthday party invites expected to flood in through the school years, with siblings and friends having children, the list of people to buy gifts for is always growing. I can safely say that I will be using Wicked Uncle in the future and would quite happily recommend it to anyone.


Disclosure - I was given credit to purchase these toys in return for this review. All words and opinions are my own however and are honest.

Topic: Wicked Uncle - Review

Date: 19/07/2015

By: Sarah Bailey

Subject: Comment

I have to admit I think this is such a fantastic service, I'm awful at buying little people presents so will be taking full advantage.

Date: 17/07/2015

By: Kara

Subject: Wicked Uncle

I love wicked uncle, they so some really good and inexpensive presents. Isaac loves his sea monkeys!

Date: 17/07/2015

By: Erika

Subject: Excellent Idea

It is always great having a website that helps you in choosing, especially when you do not have children yourself.

Date: 16/07/2015

By: Mary Louise

Subject: Wicked Uncle

A great selection of toys there and what a wonderful idea for a business.
My 3 year old has a selection of friends and they all range from 7 months old to 10 years! This is certainly a service that would benefit me.

Date: 16/07/2015

By: Kate Williams

Subject: Great

Both those toys look lovely, I know my kids would be happy to receive them!

Date: 15/07/2015

By: Rebecca Smith

Subject: FAB!

I've started hearing things about My Wicked Uncle recently and it has all been good, may have to check them out!

Date: 15/07/2015

By: Jen

Subject: Blocks

Oh I totally adore the blocks. They are so colourful. The website is great for people who have no idea what yo get kids

Date: 14/07/2015

By: Charly Dove

Subject: Excellent

Oh I love that last photo, how adorable! I've not come across My Wicked Uncle before so it's great to read this review. The products look superb and its nice to hear they're not gender stereotypical. Will check them out :)

Date: 14/07/2015

By: Sonia

Subject: http://thismummyloves.com

Love the sound of Wicked Uncle, what a fab name for a website! Great looking products too!

Date: 14/07/2015

By: angela hamilton

Subject: brilliant

i love that you can search and it shows age appropriate toys, great idea

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