Brother & Sister

04/08/2014 23:21

Ever since I learned that our second child was to be a little girl and that Clayton was going to be a big brother I dreamt of this moment. I didn't think it would come as quick as it did, but I'm glad that it did. I hope the bond never goes away and only grows stronger. I hope that my children always love eachother as much as we love them. I hope that they melt my heart like this every single day, because capturing moments like these are reason alone enough to be happy here on this planet! Parenting. Love it!


Topic: Brother & Sister

Date: 14/08/2014

By: Shell Louise

Subject: Lovely

Gorgeous :) I hope they have a strong bond as they grow up. My girls were born 2 years apart and they have a very strong bond, although you wouldn't think it with the amount of arguing they do! I know the bond between them strong because despite the fighting, when either of them are hurt or really upset about something, the other can't stop crying for them until they're better/no longer upset. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that when they're adults they'll be the best of friends who will always be there for each other :)

Date: 08/08/2014

By: Zena's Suitcase

Subject: Cute

Aren't they just the cutest pair. I hope they have a lovely time growing up together

Date: 07/08/2014

By: Sarah Bailey

Subject: Siblings

Oh they are just beautiful pictures - I always wanted an older brother when I was growing up :) x

Date: 06/08/2014

By: Michelle

Subject: Aww

Gorgeous! I always wished I had a big brother!

Date: 06/08/2014

By: kara

Subject: Awwww

Awww gorgeous pic - one for the wall, if only to remind them when they're older that they do adore each other ;0)

Date: 05/08/2014

By: Bek

Subject: Beautiful!

Aww... this is lovely. I'm sure that they will stay close. Lovely photo, I'm sure there will be many more heart melting moments like this:-)

Date: 05/08/2014

By: Agata P.

Subject: how cute...

Beautiful picture and he looks so proud!
He will be an awesome big brother.

Date: 05/08/2014

By: You Baby Me Mummy

Subject: Awww

So sweet, they are so adorable x

Date: 05/08/2014

By: Jen aka The Mad House

Subject: Siblings

If they are anything like mine they will love each other with a passion and hate with a ferocity never seen!

Date: 05/08/2014


Subject: Cute

I'll bet they'll become the best of friends!

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