Book Review: Lily Mae by Sarah Mahfoudh and Ruth Thorp

23/06/2015 23:15

I've read to both of my children since they were still inside their Mothers belly and still do so everytime I get the chance to do so. I firmly believe that it's one of the best ways of  bonding with your child  as a Father. With children aged 2 and 11 months, I judge the books that I read to them on 2 levels. If my children sit still from start to finish then it means it is visually very good, and the imagery has held their attention sufficiently. If I sit still from start to finish, then it means it was written well enough for me not to skip pages and I've enjoyed reading it. When you get both of those things in the same book, then you know you've got a keeper. That's exactly what we discovered the first time we sat down to enjoy Lilly Mae; a collaborative effort from author Sarah Mahfoudh and illustrator Ruth Thorp. "Again? Again! Again?". We read it cover to cover 4 times in a row without pausing for breath.

Toddler and baby reading Lilly Mae book smilingToddler and baby reading Lilly Mae book together

Lilly Mae lives on a cloud and controls the weather depending upon her mood (almost exactly what happens in our house if I'm honest). The colour schemes, imagery and fonts change depending on the weather, making you anticipate each turn of the page and the next illustrative masterpiece that awaits. The connections between emotions and weather in this book are subliminal genius and will have your child learning without them even knowing. By the time we had read the book for the 3rd and 4th time, Clayton was looking out of the window saying 'happy' as he recognised the sun to be shining. I'm looking forward to seeing his reaction the next time we read the book, depending on the weather at the time. Lilly Mae conjures up rain, hail, thunder and winds as well as the happy sunshine - just because we're in the middle of a British summer doesn't mean that any of those aren't a possibility to enhance our reading experience!

Toddler and baby reading Lilly Mae bookLilly Mae Book Cover

Created by a pair of talented, young Brits and published by an independent British publisher, this rhyming picture book can be enjoyed by all ages. It's easy on the eye, flows off the tongue and encourages interaction. The Dad Creek household thoroughly recommends it for you and your family!


Disclosure - We were sent a copy of Lilly Mae in return for this review. All words and opinions are my own and honest.


Topic: Book Review: Lily Mae by Sarah Mahfoudh and Ruth Thorp

Date: 01/07/2015

By: mama syder

Subject: comment

Looks like a lovely book. All four of my kids loved reading and wouldnt sleep without a bedtime story x

Date: 30/06/2015

By: Kara

Subject: Name

Going to get this for my friends daughter - it's her name!

Date: 29/06/2015

By: lisa

Subject: book

aw what a lovely name and book , the look like they are liking it

Date: 29/06/2015

By: Sonya Cisco

Subject: Books

Oh yes, I used to skip pages in dull books - cant get away with now, my eagle eyed 3 year old notices! This book sounds fab and love the art style!

Date: 28/06/2015

By: Donna

Subject: Lily Mae

Sounds like a lovely book and the illustrations are adorable.

Date: 27/06/2015

By: Erica Price

Subject: Comment

Loving the illustrations in this book - we have been reading to H since birth and he's an avid reader.

Date: 27/06/2015

By: Sarah Bailey

Subject: Comment

What a lovely sounding book - I have always adored reading from a young age. x

Date: 27/06/2015

By: Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

Subject: We love Books

I spend so much time reading to my two and I love finding new books (mostly as I get bored of some) so we will have to check this one out

Date: 27/06/2015

By: Jen

Subject: on repeat

I remember those days when the same book would be read 1000 times a night and for what seemed like 1000 days in a row. I have one boy who reads every night at nine!

Date: 26/06/2015

By: Pinkoddy

Subject: good

It is so nice to hear that you regularly read with your children. I have to admit it is my parenting fail and something I keep telling myself to work harder on. I am glad it was such a lovely book.

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