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14/05/2014 17:28

I feel that I should apologise given that I invited you all on this journey with me and then left you all hanging months ago; Failing to blog for the majority of the first year of fatherhood once it actually arrived. But I wont apologise. I'll make excuses sure, why not... Claytons already flown 6 times and been on as many vacations, we've moved house, baptised him and celebrated his first birthday. What can I say? I've been a busy man. But more importantly, I've dropped pretty much all hobbies, social activity and blogging to spend the time this past year and making sure I didn't miss a beat. But you're asking whats new? I mean you would expect that from the first year of fatherhood. Well let me welcome you all back to the blog by telling you about how I really am up Dad Creek without a Paddle this time!


Clayton is going to be a big brother! In less than 7 weeks!

(How we announced the pregnancy last Christmas)




And we're ready for HER. Well, the house is ready and the new stroller is here. That counts as being as ready as we can expect to be I think.

(Along with every other room in the new house, the nursery has been keeping us busy)


Is Clayton ready? Well he has no clue and why should he? He only turned 1 less than 2 weeks ago. But no doubt he will take as much adjusting as we all will when she arrives. But eventually he will understand that it is for him that we are inviting another little beating heart into the world. Sometimes I worry about damaging the bond the 3 of us have, but we're not breaking that bond; we're simply expanding it. Expanding it to include this precious little girl that will soon be a part of all our lives. This precious little girl that will look up to him and call him big brother. The memories that are yet to be created already make my eyes tear up if I think about the possibilites long enough. Our family of 3 will soon be 4 and adding a link to this chain will only make the chain grow stronger. I feel blessed that this is all working out as planned.







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