40 Days of Fitness Challenge #FitnessRevolution - Days 1-5

23/02/2015 00:02

As I explained a few days ago, DW Fitness are offering their support to myself and a handful of other bloggers across the country in leading a more active lifestyle. Throughout the period of lent we will be partaking in different challenges each day; getting progressively more difficult as we go on. The challenges are predominently fitness focused, but not restricted to and are helping me get back in the habit of expecting to do some form of exercise (whether for a short period or long) each day. I'll be honest and tell you that I haven't as yet found the challenges taxing at all, but I am seeing some benefits all the same. For me, a good fitness routine is all about momentum and this challenge is forcing good habits already. Expecting to exercise daily is a good start, and as the days pass and training becomes less of a chore, the easier it will become to increase the level of activity. I'm going to document the challenge as I work through it, and hopefully encourage one or two of you to follow suit along the way. If you would like the details of the challenge sharing, then feel free to ask. I'd be happy to share them with you, and help you as DW Fitness are helping me.

Here's how I have been getting on in the early stages;

Day 1: Walk, Jog or Run for 20 mins.

I used to run regularly and enjoyed doing so. A few years ago though, I injured both knees and passed on the opportunity to have them both operated on. I decided I would rather limit myself to certain activities than stop exercising altogether for such a long recovery period that would have followed 2 knee operations. I have only ran 2 or 3 times in the last 4 years! Not one to shirk a challenge though, I laced up my trainers and took to the roads and jogged my way round the hilly area we live in. I was relieved to come through unscathed.

Running Results


Day 2: Squats. 3 sets of 30 reps.

Squatting is something anyone can do; without equipment and in the comfort of their own bedroom like I did. I don't struggle with squats but my right knee ballooned following these (probably linked with the run the day before mind). Never the less, I pushed all 90 squats out at a slow pace.



Day 3: Plank and hold for as long as possible.

I've planked in the past, but I don't ever recall trying to hold it until failure and nor have I ever timed the exercise. I had no idea what kind of time to expect but was quite pleased with the result.

Planking TimePlanking


Day 4: #3MinuteChallenge

The 3 minute challenge is something that will be used as a benchmark throughout this challenge. A way of measuring improvement. The challenge was to perform 3 exercises for 1 minute each and complete as many reps as possible. Jump Squats, Star Jumps and Situps. This challenge was the hardest so far, and thats because you're forced to push yourself to the limit, even if only for a short period of time. The hardest thing about it though is how fast your heart rate climbs. I'm going to experiment with this one, and try doing it after a light work out next week rather than from cold. The speed in which my heartrate shot up left me feeling lightheaded after what was in fact only a 3 minute workout.

3 Minute Challenge


Day 5: Day Off

Rest is important and should be factored into any fitness routine - this one being no different. Day 5 was a day to rest, but with the challenge of cooking a fresh, healthy meal. I was tasked to prepare a Thai Curry with fresh herbs and coconut milk. It's a refreshing idea to push people in the kitchen and challenge their diet and one that I'm looking forward to over the next few weeks. Today was a bit of a cheat day for me though. I cook thai curry a couple of times every month and made quick work of a shrimp version.


It's been a positive start, but there's a long way to go. Bring it on!



Topic: 40 Days of Fitness Challenge #FitnessRevolution - Days 1-5

Date: 01/03/2015

By: Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours

Subject: Well done

I so need to go to the gym. I just find keeping fit so boring! Must try harder. Well done to you

Date: 25/02/2015

By: Agata P.

Subject: well done

Well done you! Good going :-)
Only 35 more days to go...

Date: 25/02/2015

By: Emma

Subject: sport

well done you. I have started running again which I am really enjoying but the plank is still my nemesis!

Date: 25/02/2015

By: Kara

Subject: Good Luck

Good luck with your fitness goals, I really need to start again

Date: 24/02/2015

By: Nell@PigeonPairandMe.com

Subject: Planking

I need to start planking again - I used to be good at it, but now my core muscles are out of practice....good on you, this sounds like a good way to get into a tough regime.

Date: 24/02/2015

By: Sylvia @ Happiness is homemade

Subject: fitness

I have to sign up to the gym finally. I've been trying to go healthier and loose some weight but I definitely need more exercising :)

Date: 24/02/2015

By: Louisa

Subject: knees

You're doing so well. I have a dodgy knee and the cold weather has prevented me doing much. I can't believe you did 40 sit ups in a minute. You legend! It would take me an hour at best ;-)

Date: 24/02/2015

By: Stephen

Subject: Plank!

Until I had read this post, I had no idea what planking was, though I had heard so many people mention it, so thank you! And erm... good luck!

Date: 24/02/2015

By: Jen

Subject: Well done

I really need to buck my ideas up and get fitter. You are doing so well!

Date: 24/02/2015

By: Polly

Subject: well done!

good luck - the results will be worth the hard work!

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